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White Wolf

White Wolf

Complete Product List: Original World of Darkness

Complete Product List: New World of Darkness

Complete Product List: Other Games

Founded in 1991, White Wolf have produced a series of successful role-playing games, with an emphasis on the storytelling aspects of the genre - indeed, their core rules are called the 'Storyteller' system. From this they have branched out into trading cards and fiction, but still produce a regular series of excellent role-playing products. The popularity of their games with the 'live-action' fraternity has led to a whole line of product aimed at assisting those who want to take their stories away from the table-top.

In 2004, they chose to wind-up the core storyline of their 'World of Darkness' group of games, with a new line stepping up to take its place, consolidating and improving the Storyteller System with the New World of Darkness core rules and subsets for different genres within it.

The Original World of Darkness

The New World of Darkness

Other Role-Playing Games

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Company Section last updated: 27 June 2016