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Mongoose Publishing Product - Other Role-Playing Games

Mongoose Publishing

Armageddon 2089 RPG

Babylon 5 RPG

Babylon 5 RPG 2nd Edition

Conan RPG

Conan RPG 2e

Infernum RPG

  • MGP3701: Book of the Damned
  • MGP3702: Book of the Tormentor
  • MGP3703: Book of the Conqueror

Jeremiah RPG

  • MGP1600: Jeremiah RPG
  • MGP1601: Thunder Mountain

Judge Dredd RPG

  • MGP7001: Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game
  • MGP7002: The Rookie's Guide to the Justice Department
  • MGP7003: The Rookie's Guide to Block Wars
  • MGP7004: Mega-City One's Most Wanted/GM Screen
  • MGP7005: Full Eagle Day
  • MGP7006: The Rookie's Guide to Psi-Talent
  • MGP7007: The Sleeping Kin
  • MGP7008: The Rookie's Guide to Criminal Organisations
  • MGP7009: Russian Roulette
  • MGP7010: The Rookie's Guide to Brit-Cit
  • MGP7010: The Rookie's Guide to Crazes
  • MGP7011: Target Mega-City One
  • MGP7012: The Rookie's Guide to the Undercity
  • MGP7013: The Rookie's Guide to Atlantis
  • MGP7014: The Awakening
  • MGP7050: Gangs of Mega-City One
  • Death on the Streets

Lone Wolf RPG

  • MGP1121: The Darklands
  • MGP1122: Magic of Magnamund
  • MGP1123: Dawn of Destruction

Macho Women with Guns RPG

  • MGP1400: Macho Women with Guns
  • MGP0088: Adolf Hitler - Porn Star
  • MGP0089: Macho Women with Guns Diet Edition
  • The Sex Presidents

OGL Rulebooks

  • MGP2220: Mongoose Pocket Player's Handbook
  • MGP2221: Mongoose Pocket Modern Handbook
  • MGP2222: Mongoose Pocket GM's Guide
  • MGP6601: CyberNet
  • MGP6602: Horror
  • MGP6603: Ancients
  • MGP6604: Steampunk
  • MGP6605: Wild West


Paranoia XP

Paranoia Red Clearance Edition

Sea of Thieves RPG

  • MGP60000: Core Rulebook

Slaine RPG

  • MGP8001: Slaine RPG
  • MGP8002: Tir Nan Og: The Land of the Young
  • MGP8003: The Invulnerable King
  • MGP8004: The Fir Domain
  • MGP8005: Teeth of the Moon Sow
  • MGP8006: The Sessair
  • MGP8007: The Ragnarok Book
  • MGP8008: Way of the Horned God
  • MGP8009: The Falians
  • MGP8010: The Finians

Starship Troopers RPG

Wars RPG

  • MGP0500: Wars the Roleplaying Game
  • MGP0501: Incursion
  • MGP0502: Battlefront

Wayfarers RPG

  • MGP8500: Player's Reference Book
  • MGP8501: The World of Twylos
  • MGP8502: Game Master's Reference Book

Interesting Reading

Company Product list last updated: 2 June 2019