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Alderac Entertainment Group Product List

Alderac Entertainment Group

7th Sea

Adventure Keep

Brave New World

D20 Sourcebooks

Farscape RPG

Legend of the Five Rings

Legend of the Five Rings 1e

Legend of the Five Rings 2e

Legend of the Five Rings 3e

Legend of the Five Rings 4e

  • AEG3300: Legend of the Five Rings RPG 4e Core Rulebook
  • AEG3301: Legacy of Disaster
  • AEG3302: GM Screen & Adventure
  • AEG3303: Strongholds of the Empire
  • AEG3304: Enemies of the Empire
  • AEG3305: Emerald Empire
  • AEG3306: The Great Clans
  • AEG3307: Imperial Histories
  • AEG3308: The Book of Air
  • AEG3309: Second City Boxed Set
  • AEG3310: The Book of Earth
  • AEG3311: Imperial Histories 2
  • AEG3312: The Book of Fire
  • AEG3313: Naishou Province
  • AEG3314: Secrets of the Empire
  • AEG3315: The Book of Water
  • AEG3316: Sword and Fan
  • AEG3317: The Book of Void
  • Unexpected Allies
  • The Imperial Archives

Rokugan - D&D 3e Setting based on Legend of the Five Rings

Spycraft RPG

Generic Adventures for Spycraft

  • Operation: Gamma Raid
  • Back to Basics
  • AEG1800-02: One Minute to Midnight
  • AEG1800-03: Flashpoint
  • The Panacea Gambit

Living Spycraft Adventures

  • AEG1800-05: Agent Down
  • AEG1800-01: The Tengu Conspiracy
  • AEG1800-04: A Routine Operation
  • AEG1800-06: Black Tie Formal
  • AEG1800-08: The Condemned
  • AEG1800-09: Outback Interlude
  • AEG1800-10: The Beast of Dunvegan
  • AEG1800-11: We're Off to See the Wizard
  • AEG1800-12: Ground Truth
  • AEG1800-13: Outbreak
  • AEG1800-14: Fashion Victim
  • AEG1800-15: The Herilian Agenda
  • AEG1800-16: The Maltese Experiment
  • AEG1800-17: Where the Lion Sleeps Tonight
  • AEG1800-18: Winter of Discontent
  • AEG1800-19: Facing Facts
  • AEG1800-20: Lockdown
  • AEG1800-21: Fire From The Ice
  • AEG1800-22: Empty Houses
  • AEG1800-23: Yellow Submarine
  • AEG1800-24: Poisoning the Well
  • AEG1800-25: Remember, Remember
  • AEG1800-26: Nest
  • AEG1800-27: Operation Snow Pigeon
  • AEG1800-28: Proving Ground
  • AEG1800-29: The Divinity Thieves
  • AEG1800-30: Orbital Evil
  • Ferret Hunters
  • 840 Down
  • Revolution

Shadowforce Archer Setting for Spycraft

Spycraft 2.0

Stargate SG-1 RPG

Swashbuckling Adventures

Warlords of the Accordlands

  • The Campaign Adventure Book
  • The Master Codex
  • Monsters and Lairs

Brave New World

Company Product list last updated: 1 April 2017