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Fantasy Flight Games Product List

Fantasy Flight Games

Blue Planet RPG

Call of Cthulhu

  • CC01: Nocturnum: Long Shades
  • CC02: Nocturnum: Hollow Winds
  • CC03: Nocturnum: Deep Secrets
  • CC04: Nocturnum: Master Collection
  • CC05: Nocturnum

Fireborn RPG



  • GR01: Grimm

Anima RPG

  • ANR01: Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG
  • ANR02: GM Toolkit
  • ANR03: Gaia Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams
  • ANR04: Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki
  • ANR05: Those Who Walked Amongst Us
  • ANR06: Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural
  • ANR07: Prometheum Exxet - The Supernatural Artifacts

Dungeons & Dragons 3e



Instant Adventures

Legends & Lairs


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e

  • WH01: Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing Core Rulebook
  • WH02: GM Pack
  • WH03: Old World Bestiary
  • WH04: GM Toolkit
  • WH05: Plundered Vaults
  • WH06: Ashes of Middenheim (Paths of the Damned Vol.1)
  • WH07: Spires of Altdorf (Paths of the Damned Vol.2)
  • WH08: Forges of Nuln (Paths of the Damned Vol.3)
  • WH09: Old World Armoury
  • WH10: Sigmar's Heirs
  • WH11: Karak Asgal
  • WH12: Realms of Sorcery
  • WH13: Knights of the Grail
  • WH14: Children of the Horned Rat
  • WH15: Barony of the Damned
  • WH16: Terror in Talabheim
  • WH17: Renegade Crowns
  • WH18: Tome of Corruption
  • WH19: The WFRP Companion
  • WH20: Lure of the Liche Lord
  • WH21: Night's Dark Masters
  • WH22: Tome of Salvation
  • WH24: Realm of the Ice Queen
  • WH25: The Thousand Thrones
  • WH26: Shades of Empire
  • WH27: The Career Compendium

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e

  • WHF01: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Box
  • WHF01: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook
  • WHF01: Players Guide
  • WHF01: Tome of Blessings
  • WHF01: Tome of Adventure
  • WHF02: The Adventurer's Toolkit
  • WHF04: The Gathering Storm Box
  • WHF04: The Gathering Storm Campaign Book
  • WHF05: Game Master's Toolkit Box
  • WHF06: The Winds of Magic Box
  • WHF06: Winds of Magic: Advanced Magic and Wizardry
  • WHF06: Liber Mutatis: The Book of Change
  • WHF07: The Edge of Night
  • WHF08: Liber Infectus
  • Game Master's Guide
  • The Creature Guide
  • Signs of Faith
  • WHF15: The Witch's Song
  • WHF16A: Omens of War
  • WHF16B: Liber Carnagia
  • WHF18: Lure of Power
  • WHF19: Hero's Call
  • WHF20: The Enemy Within Box

Warhammer 40K Roleplay

Dark Heresy 1e

Dark Heresy 2e

Rogue Trader

  • Forsaken Bounty Quickstart
  • RT01: Rogue Trader Core Rulebook
  • RT02: Game Master's Kit
  • RT03: Lure of the Expanse
  • RT04: Into the Storm
  • RT05: Edge of the Abyss
  • RT06: The Frozen Reaches
  • RT09: Battlefleet Koronos
  • RTP2: Dark Frontier
  • RTP4: Epoch Koronus
  • RTP5: Drydock
  • RT07: The Citadel of Skulls
  • RT08: Fallen Suns
  • RT10: Hostile Acquisitions
  • RT11: The Koronus Bestiary
  • RT12: The Soul Reaver
  • RT13: The Navis Primer
  • RT14: Stars of Inequity
  • RT15: Faith and Coin
  • RT16: Twilight Crusade
  • RT17: Tau Character Guide
  • RT18: Shedding Light
  • The Dark Kin


Black Crusade

  • FFGBC01: Black Crusade
  • FFGBC02: The Gamemaster's Kit
  • FFGBC03: Hand of Corruption
  • FFGBC04: The Tome of Fate
  • FFGBC05: The Tome of Blood
  • FFGBC06: The Tome of Excess
  • FFGBC07: The Tome of Decay
  • FFGBC08: Binding Contracts

Only War

  • Core Rules Beta
  • FFGIG01: Core Rulebook
  • FFGIG02: Game Master's Kit
  • FFGIG03: Final Testament
  • FFGIG04: Hammer of the Emperor
  • FFGIG05: Enemies of the Imperium
  • FFGIG07: Shield of Humanity
  • FFGIG14: Salvaging Solace

Dust Warfare

  • DWF01: Dust Warfare
  • DWF02: Campaign Book Zverograd
  • DWF03: Campaign Book Hades
  • DWF04: Campaign Book Icarus

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

  • FFGSWA01: Beginner Game
  • FFGSWA02: Core Rulebook
  • FFGSWA03: Game Master's Kit
  • FFGSWA04: Onslaught at Arda 1
  • FFGSWA25: Stay on Target
  • FFGSWA30: Strongholds of Resistance
  • FFGSWA31: Desperate Allies
  • FFGSWA36: Lead by Example
  • FFGSWAP01: Operation Shadowpoint

Star Wars: Force and Destiny

  • FFGSWF01: Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game
  • FFGSWF02: Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook
  • FFGSWF03: Game Master's Kit
  • FFGSWF23: Chronicles of the Gatekeeper
  • FFGSWF24: Keeping the Peace
  • FFGSWF29: Nexus of Power

The End of the World

  • FFGEW01: Zombie Apocalypse
  • FFGEW02: Wrath of the Gods
  • FFGEW03: Alien Invasion


  • FFGGNS01: Core Rulebook
  • Familiar
  • Brain Drain
  • Power of the Vril
  • Power-Play
  • Instant Adversaries
  • Anthrochimerics
  • Zephyr Knights
  • MegaCity Magic
  • Hope Prep School 0 Orientation - Genesys Edition

Legend of the Five Rings 5e

  • FFGL5R00: Core Rulebook Beta
  • FFGL5R01: Beginner Game
  • FFGL5R02: Core Rulebook
  • FFGPL3318: Atlas of Rokugan
  • FFGPL3319: Atlas of Rokugan Digital Map Pack
  • Game Master's Kit
  • FFGL5R04: Emerald Empire
  • FFGL5R06: Shadowlands
  • FFGL5R07: Mask of the Oni
  • FFGL5R08: Courts of Stone
  • FFGL5R09: Winter's Embrace

Company Product list last updated: 14 September 2019