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Star Trek Adventures: Hard Rock Catastrophe

Hard Rock Catastrophe

This mission involves the party's vessel receiving a distress call from a planet where a Saurian colony is being threatened by giant dionsaur-like creatures that seem to be impervious to any weaponry. Whilst designed for The Original Series (TOS) era of play, it is easily adapted to later eras, but not recommended for the Enterprise era.

The distress call was sketchy in details, perhaps due to Saurian self-sufficiency making it embarassing to them to request aid, or maybe they don't think anyone would believe them if they described what was attacking them! So the first thing the party will need to do when they arrive on orbit is find out exactly what is going on and determine the nature of the threat. The Saurians say that there has been no previous evidence of these lifeforms in the forty years they have been settled here, and there's some dissent amongst the leadership as to where they have come from. The military commander puts it down to enemy action: someone brought them from elsewhere (how?) to attack the colony. Rooting through Starfleet records show that such beasts have been encountered before somewhere else but dealing with them is still going to be a tricky proposition.

Plenty of research tasks are suggested which should keep all party members busy. There's a fair bit for them to find out, both about the beasts themselves and how they might be defeated, and about how they came to be here. This should lead the party to some vigorous action to deal with beasts and those responsible for their presence alike. The concluding notes wrap things up well with some suggestions for follow-up adventures.

There's a good range of activities here: diplomacy, scientific investigation, a spot of police work, and some hectic action scenes - something for everyone. Enjpy!

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Reviewed: 25 February 2020