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Star Trek Adventures: Hard Rock Catastrophe

Hard Rock Catastrophe

Designed for TOS, this adventure can be adapted readily for other eras if preferred.

Publisher's blurb: "Captain's Log, Stardate 8054.1. We have received a distress call from Rikyu, an independent Saurian colony beyond the Federation border. Planetary governor T'Rimushei is requesting assistance with a natural disaster endangering the planet's cities, although she was vague on the specifics of the threat. The Saurians are famously self-reliant, so it could be that the governor was embarrassed to ask for help - but I got the impression that she didn't think we would believe her if she told us more.

"Can your crew solve the mystery behind the apparent invasion of giant monsters and stop them before the colony is destroyed?"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Christopher L. Bennett
Publishers' Reference: MUH051434
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 22 pages
Date: October 2019

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Product page last updated: 25 February 2020