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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Arms and Armour Master Screen

Arms and Armour Master Screen

The Master Screen concept was simple and really rather clever - a durable screen with plastic pockets into which you could put data sheets appropriate to whatever game you were running. Determined do-it-yourselfers can always print out material and stick it onto cardboard, or even clip it to some other system's GM screen that is lying around.

This set of inserts are aimed at people making heavy use of the Arms and Armour supplement from Bastion Press. As this introduced loads of new weapons and armour types, some kind of ready reference to their properties is going to come in handy. Here are five pages of tables, plus a single decorative page to put on the player-facing side (and an entire page of Open Gaming Licence... keeps the lawyers happy, but who is going to print it out and stick it on their screen?). Useful if you make a lot of use of Arms and Armour, but not really otherwise. Standard Player's Handbook weapons are not included, so this is a bit of a niche market.

At least it was available as a free download... and due to a bit of internet archaeology, you can still download it from the product page, even though it's long gone from the Bastion Press website!

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Reviewed: 5 July 2019