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Chronicles of Darkness

Chronicles of Darkness

Formerly known as the New World of Darkness, this is the revamp of the World of Darkness titles begun by White Wolf and licenced to Onyx Path Publishing when White Wolf gave up the publishing business. As well as continuing to market material already published, Onyx Path produced their own material. In October 2015, White Wolf was purchased by Paradox Interactive and their interest in producing RPG books rekindled, hence the change in name for this game line.

The core New World of Darkness line provided the basis for all the other lines - Vampire, Werewolf, etc. - with a common ruleset and other materials that could support whichever variety of supernatural beings you wanted to play, and which made 'crossover' games far easier. With an initial proposal for a Second Edition being rejected by White Wolf, Onyx Path Publishing produced 'chronicle books' for the main lines which also contained the rule modifications that they were proposing, with the core New World of Darkness one going by the name The God-Machine Chronicles, and in December 2015 launched the Chronicles of Darkness as the full Second Edition.

New World of Darkness The God-Machine Chronicles Chronicles of Darkness
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Page last updated: 29 December 2015