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Silver Gryphon Games Product List

Silver Gryphon Games


Original Æther system

  • SGG7000: Æther Quick Start Guide
  • SGG7002: Æther Core Book
  • SGG7003: Æther Quick Start Update: Physical Resistance
  • SGG6000: Two-Bit Thugs
  • SGG6001: Burning Crosses
  • SGG6002: Camp Wicakini
  • SGG6003: A Death Undeserving
  • SGG6004: Hotel Babylon
  • SGG5004: Zombacalypse
  • SGG6005: Shroedinger's Box
  • SGG6006: Camp Wicakini Part II
  • SGG6007: Red Blizzard
  • SGG7006: Panzer Reich: Crash Test
  • SGG6009: Death of the Prophet
  • SGG6010: Camp Wicakini 3: Wanagi Mato Lives!
  • SGG6012: Breaking Murphy
  • SGG6013: Milecastle 42
  • SGG6015: The Djinn of the Deep
  • SGG6018: The S'mores Demon
  • SGG6019: The Eater's Tower
  • SGG6021: Legend of the One-Toes
  • SGG6023: Camp Wicakini 4
  • SGG6029: A Stitched in Time
  • SGG7004: Advanced Attributes
  • SGG5005: A Catalogue of Sentient Races, Volume I: Lizardmen

Savage Worlds version

  • SGG12000: Wellstone City
  • SGG12001: Two-Bit Thugs
  • SGG12002: Burning Crosses
  • SGG12003: A Death Undeserving
  • SGG12005: Camp Wicakini
  • SGG12006: The Pine Ridge Horror
  • SGG12007: Zombacalypse
  • SGG12008: Hotel Babylon
  • SGG12010: Schroedinger's Box
  • SGG12011: Wellstone City Chronicles Encounter Deck
  • SGG12013: Camp Wicakini Part II
  • SGG12014: Red Blizzard
  • SGG12015: The Ranch Raid
  • SGG12016: Death of the Prophet
  • SGG12018: Camp Wicakini 3: Wanagi Mato Lives!
  • SGG12019: Breaking Murphy
  • SGG12038: The S'mores Demon
  • SGG12039: Camp Wicakini 4
  • SGG12040: Wellstone City Adventure Generator
  • SGG12042: A Thule and his Money
  • SGG13000: Big Trouble in Little Haiti
  • SGG13001: Sokolov's Gambit
  • SGG13003: The Bishopric

Generic Resources

  • SGG9000: Diabolical Traps: Skeletons
  • SGG9001: Diabolical Traps: Rooms
  • SGG9002: Diabolical Traps: Non-Traps
  • SGG9004: Diabolical Traps: The Maintenance Mummy
  • Design Workbook
  • SGG10000: Adventure Design - The Basic Structure

Ingenium Fantasy RPG

Ingenium 1e

  • SGG3001: Ingenium Core Rulebook
  • SGG3002: General Talents Sourcebook
  • SGG2000: Red Blizzard
  • SGG2001: A Darkness at Summerfort
  • SGG2003: Master Nicolas and the Wayward Wizardry

Ingenium 2e

  • Kickstarter Preview
  • Quick Start Preview

Other Savage Worlds Material

  • SGG12036: Milecastle 42
  • SGG12036: The Djinn of the Deep
  • SGG12041: 1Brain Slugs from Planet X

Dungeons & Dragons

  • SGG8000: Shark-bloods
  • SGG8001: Kitsune

Silver Gryphon Monthly

Company Product list last updated: 14 April 2017