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Shadowrun 5e

Originally published by FASA in 1989, Shadowrun is set in a near-future, cyberpunk-style Earth... but one in which magic has been reawakened and in which the expression of hitherto hidden parts of the human genome as resulted in the development of 'elves' and 'dwarves' and other fantasy races... oh, and there are dragons, too. Don't mess with them!

By its 4th Edition, Shadowrun had passed through the hands of FanPro and WizKids to its present home with Catalyst Game Labs, who released the Fifth Edition in July 2013. In May 2019 a Sixth Edition, to launch in the summer, was announced.

1st Edition 2nd Edition 3rd Edition
4th Edition 5th Edition
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Page last updated: 4 May 2019