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Catalyst Game Labs Product List

Catalyst Game Labs


  • FPR10980: Classic BattleTech Quick-Start Rules
  • FPR10980a: Classic BattleTech Universe Book
  • FPR35000: BattleTech Master Rules, Revised Edition
  • FPR35001: Handbook: House Steiner
  • FPR35003: Interstellar Players
  • FPR35101: Total Warfare
  • FPR35103: Classic BattleTech TechManual

Shadowrun 4e

Shadowrun 5e

Shadowrun 5e Fiction

  • CAT26851: Fire and Frost
  • CAT26852: Hell on Water
  • CAT26853: Dark Resonance
  • CAT26854: Crimson
  • CAT26855: Borrowed Time
  • CAT26858: Shaken
  • CAT26S047: Wolf & Buffalo


Season 3: New York Arc

  • Everyone's Your Friend
  • Ready, Set, Gogh!
  • Block War
  • Burning Bridges
  • Monkeywrench
  • In and Out
  • Jackknifed
  • Knight at the Opera
  • Firestorm
  • Something Completely Different
  • Spin Control
  • Food Poisoning
  • Elevator Ride to Hell

Season 4: Seattle


  • CAT31000: Leviathans Lieutenant's Manual
  • CAT31600: James' Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt from 1910
  • CAT31601: James' Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt from 1910 Part 2
  • CAT31680: British Printable Fleet
  • CAT31681: French Printable Fleet
  • CAT31690: Leviathans Introduction
  • CAT31691: Leviathans Development Journal
  • Leviathans Point System Open Alpha Test
  • The Channel Campaign Open Alpha Test
  • Leviathans Core Box Set

Valiant Universe RPG

Company Product list last updated: 24 October 2015