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Adventure!, from White Wolf, is the first setting chronologically in the Æon: Trinity Universe series of games, although it was actually the last to be published in 2001 as a single stand-alone book. No supplements were intended, although a D20 system rewrite was released in 2004.

Like the others in the series, the game mechanic was the Storyteller System - for this time heavily-modified to create the 'pulp' feel intended. Set in the 1920s at the very beginning of the Trinity timeline, the release of an unknown 'Telluric' energy causes the appearance of a number of particularly gifted characters, whose actions have the potential for shaping the future history of the world. The Æon Society for Gentlemen, only just founded by philanthropist Maxwell Mercer, attempts to bring together as many "Inspired" characters as possible, supporting and coordinating them in their effort for the betterment of all of humanity in line with the Society's ideals.

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Page last updated: 27 September 2009