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Ĉon: The Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe

This is a collection of games from White Wolf, using a shared timeline to tell the stories of characters who develop abnormal powers. The Æon Society was first formed in 1923 by Maxwell Anderson Mercer as a benevolent organization dedicated to the betterment of mankind. Beginning as a gentlemen's club, by the time of the Trinity Era, the Æon Trinity is, directly or indirectly, the most powerful organization in settled space.

The third component, the science-fiction game Trinity was originally to have been called Æon, but the producers of the animated series Æon Flux raised objections on copyright grounds hence the name change, although Æon has remained a common if unofficial name for the complete family of games.

The game mechanic is a slightly modified version of the Storyteller System. The series began publication in 1997 and was terminated in 2001, although D20 versions of the core rules for each game were released in 2004.

A new version - the Trinity Continuum - is being launched by Onyx Path Publishing in 2018.

Adventure! Aberrant Trinity
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Page last updated: 10 February 2018