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Karma Roleplaying System Product

Click on the cover to read about each product

Karma Quick Guide Karma Roleplaying System Core Rulebook Karmic Grimoire
Elemental Gemstones Elemental Metals Karmic Monsters
The Cosmology of Karma Karmic Races: Elves Karmic Races: Dwarves
Karmic Races: Orcs Karmic Races: Gnomes Karmic Monsters: Pouakai
Karmic Monsters: Blood Dragon Karmic Monsters: Cave Lion Karmic Monster: Krellix
Karmic Monsters: Chul'achar Karmic Monster: Sight-Eater Karmic Places: Chochokpi University
Karmic Places: Blacktip Bay

Product List last updated: 8 March 2009