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New Year, New Game Promotion 2009

New Year, New Game

To launch the new year with a bang - or at least a rolling of dice - OneBookShelf Inc. (parent company of DriveThruRPG and RPGNow) put together a selection of game bundles (buy 2, get the third free) on different themes, with the aim of enabling players to try something new.

Arcane Futures

Dangerous New Years

Epic Storytelling

Final Frontiers

  • Alpha Omega Core Rulebook: Mind Storm Labs
  • FSpaceRPG Concise Rulebook 4.2: FSpace Publications
  • Halcyon Player Codex v1.1: Neuwerld Studios

From Past to Future

  • Coyote Trail Expanded Edition: Precis Intermedia
  • FSpaceRPG Reference Manual 1.0: FSpace Publications
  • HOUR OF GLORY: Stronghold Kit: Warm Acre

Gods and Heroes

The Horror Of It All

  • Against the Darkness: Tabletop Adventures, LLC
  • Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition: Skirmisher Publishing
  • World of Darkness Rulebook: White Wolf

Midwinter Fantasies & Nightmares

  • The Dark Fantasy of Sundrah - Core Rulebook: Scaldcrow Games
  • The Shadow Project: Cutter's Guild Games
  • World of Darkness Rulebook: White Wolf

Myths & Legends

  • Eldritch Role-Playing System: Goodman Games
  • Legend Quest GOLD: Board Enterprises
  • Mythweaver: The Splintered Realm (2nd Edition): Teddy Bear Press

Saturday Matinees

Something Completely Different

  • Paranoia XP: Mongoose
  • Reve: the Dream Ouroboros - Complete Rulebook: Malcontent Games
  • Tales From The Floating Vagabond: Reality Cheque

Tactics and Strategy

  • HOUR OF GLORY: Stronghold Kit: Warm Acre
  • Modern20: RPGObjects
  • Skirmish!: Skirmisher Publishing

Wonders & Resolutions

  • Resolute: The Superhero RPG: Teddy Bear Press
  • The Squared Circle: Wrestling RPG: Day Dreamer Interactive
  • Worlds of Wonder: Bad Baby Productions

Worlds of Fantasy

  • Rappan Athuk Reloaded: Necromancer
  • RuneQuest Deluxe: Mongoose
  • Seven Leagues roleplaying game of Faerie: Malcontent Games

Promotion Page last updated: 25 April 2009