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Pelgrane Press Product List

Pelgrane Press

The Dying Earth RPG

The Excellent Prismatic Spray

The Esoterrorists

The Esoterrorists 1e

The Esoterrorists 2e

Mutant City Blues

  • PELGM01: Mutant City Blues
  • PELGM02: Hard Helix
  • PELGM03: Brief Cases

Trail of Cthulhu

Ashen Stars

  • PELGA01: Ashen Stars
  • PELGA02: Dead Rock Seven
  • PELGA03: Terra Nova
  • Tartarus
  • Terra Nova/Tartarus

Night's Black Agents

Fear Itself 2e

  • PELF01: Core Rulebook

13th Age

  • PEL13A01D: Core Book
  • PEL13A02P: Bestiary Preview
  • PEL13A10D: GM Screen
  • PEL13A01SRD: System Reference Document
  • PEL13A03: Make Your Own Luck
  • PEL13A02D: Bestiary
  • PEL13A04: 13 True Ways
  • PEL13A06: The Book of Loot
  • PEL13A05: Shadows of Eldolan
  • PEL13A07D: Eyes of the Stone Thief
  • PEL13A09D: The Strangling Sea
  • PEL13AB02D: High Magic and Low Cunning
  • PEL13A11M: High Magic and Low Cunning Map Folio
  • PEL13A12: The Crown Commands

Battle Scenes

  • PEL13A11AD: Archmage: Moz's Magnificent Mess
  • PEL13A11CD: Archmage: The Overworld Vault
  • PEL13A11ED: High Druid: Corrupted Nature

13th Age Monthly

  • PEL13AM02: Dragon Riding
  • PEL13AM03: Temples of the Frog Folk
  • PEL13AM04: Candies, Clay and Dancing Shoes
  • PEL13AM05D: Children of the Icons
  • PEL13AM06: Eidolons
  • PEL13AM07D: Summoning Spells
  • PEL13AM08D: The Sharpe Initiative: Earthgouger
  • PEL13AM09D: 7 Icon Campaign
  • PEL13AM10D: Kroma Draconics
  • PEL13AM11D: Echo and Gauntlet
  • PEL13AM12D: The Waking Stones
  • PEL13AM13D: Home Bases
  • PEL13AM14D: 13th Age Monthly Volume 1
  • PEL13AM15D: Rakshasas and Reavers
  • PEL13AM16D: Phoenix
  • PEL13AM17D: Sorcerer Summoning
  • PEL13AM18D: Coin Tricks
  • PEL13AM19D: Gladiators
  • PEL13AM20D: Temple of the Sun Cabal
  • PEL13AM21D: Shades of Fey
  • PEL13AM22D: Alarums & Incursions: Downtime for Six Icons
  • PEL13AM23D: Mounted Combat
  • PEL13AM24D: Nymphs
  • PEL13AM25D: Further Alarums: Downtime for Seven Icons

13th Age Alliance

Season 1

  • Crown of the Lich King
  • Shadow Port Shuffle
  • Wyrd of the Wild Wood
  • Quest in the Cathedral
  • Crown of the Lich King
  • Fungaloid Infection
  • The Folding of Screamhaunt Castle
  • Tower of the Ogre Mage
  • Omenquest
  • Wrath of the Orc Lord
  • The Elf Queen's Enchantment
  • Domain of the Dwarf King
  • Three Hearts Over Glitterhaegen
  • The Feast of Gold
  • Escape from the Diabolist's Dungeon
  • The Crusader's Fist
  • The Wyrm's Tale
  • The Archmage's Orrery
  • Dungeons of Drakkenhall
  • The Battle of Axis

Season 2

  • Race to Starport
  • Into The Underworld
  • Into The Underworld 2: Lost In The Dark
  • Into The Underworld 3: Among The Dead
  • Into The Underworld 4: Eldwold Rises!
  • Ironfire: Part 1


  • Dissonance: Music for Esoterrorists
  • PELGT05D: Four Shadows: Music for Trail of Cthulhu

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Company Product list last updated: 16 April 2020