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Chaosium Product


Basic Roleplaying

Core Rules

Settings & Adventures

  • CHA2022: In Search of the Trollslayer
  • CHA2023: The Chronicles of Future Earth
  • CHA2023-1: Children of the Worm
  • CHA2024: Devil's Gulch
  • CHA2025: Mythic Iceland
  • The Night of the Yule Cat
  • CHA2027: The Magic Book


  • CHA0352: Ashes to Ashes
  • CHA0357: Berlin 61
  • CHA0360: Agents of the Crown
  • CHA0365: Outpost 19
  • CHA0366: Aces High
  • CHA0368: BRP Adventures
  • CHA0370: Basic Magic
  • CHA0371: Basic Creatures
  • CHA0372: Basic Gamemaster
  • CHA0374: Light Without Shadow, Blade Without Edge
  • CHA0376: Val-du-Loup
  • CHA0378: The River Terror and Other Adventures
  • CHA0383: Classic Fantasy
  • CHA0384: Fractured Hopes
  • CHA0385: The Modern Equipment Catalogue
  • CHA0386: BRP Witchcraft
  • CHA0388: The Green
  • CHA0389: Rubble and Ruin
  • CHA0392: Dust to Dust
  • CHA0400: Blood and Badges
  • CHA0401: Operation Ulysses
  • CHA0407: Aces High: New Mexico
  • CHA0409: A Nation Ransomed
  • CHA0411: Swords of Cydoria

Call of Cthulhu


  • CHA3101: Gamemaster's Veil
  • CHA3102: Chronicle of the Awakenings
  • CHA3103: Secret Societies
  • CHA3104: Serpent Moon
  • CHA3105: Nephilim Character Dossiers
  • CHA3106: Gamemaster's Companion
  • CHA3107: Liber Ka


1st Edition

  • CHA2701: King Arthur Pendragon
  • CHA2702: The Pendragon Campaign

2nd Edition

  • King Arthur Pendragon 2nd Edn
  • CHA2703: Noble's Book
  • CHA2704: The King Arthur Companion
  • CHA2705: The Grey Knight
  • CHA2706: Tournament of Dreams
  • CHA2707: Knights Adventurous
  • CHA2708: The Boy King

3rd Edition

  • CHA2709: King Arthur Pendragon 3rd Edn
  • CHA2710: Savage Mountains
  • CHA2711: Blood and Lust
  • CHA2712: Perilous Forest
  • CHA2713: Pagan Shore
  • CHA2714: The Spectre King
  • CHA2718: Land of Giants

Ringworld RPG

  • Ringworld
  • Ringworld Companion


  • CHA4001: RuneQuest
  • CHA4002: Balastor's Barracks
  • CHA4003: Trolls and Trollkin
  • CHA4004: Scorpionmen and Broos
  • CHA4005: Apple Lane
  • CHA4006: Militia and Mercenaries
  • CHA4007: Snake Pipe Hollow
  • CHA4008: Cults of Prax
  • CHA4009: Foes
  • CHA4010: Gateway Bestiary
  • CHA4011: Plunder
  • CHA4012: RuneMasters
  • CHA4013: Griffin Mountain
  • CHA4014: Cults of Terror
  • CHA4015: Borderlands
  • CHA4016: TrollPak
  • CHA4017: SoloQuest
  • CHA4018: Questworld
  • CHA4019: Scorpion Hall
  • CHA4020: Snow Queen's Bride
  • CHA4021: Pavis
  • CHA4022: Big Rubble
  • CHA4023: RuneQuest Companion


Stormbringer 1e

Stormbringer 2e

Stormbringer 3e

Stormbringer 4e


Stormbringer 5e

  • CHA2115: Stormbringer 5e
  • CHA0308: Gods of Chaos
  • CHA0331: Old Hrolmar
  • CHA0335: Gods of Law

Other Eternal Champion Games

  • CHA2106: Hawkmoon
  • CHA2107: The Shattered Isle
  • DCS2000: Corum
  • CHA0327: Hawkmoon: Adventures in the Tragic Millenium

Dragon Lords of Melniboné (D20 setting)

  • CHA2017: Dragon Lords of Melniboné
  • CHA2018: Slaves of Fate
  • CHA2019: Straits of Chaos
  • CHA2020: Cults of Law and Chaos

Company Product list last updated: 9 September 2012