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7th Sea: Unstable Ground

Unstable Ground

An adventure originally published in the Novus Ordum Mundi magazine, then distributed as a free download from the Alderac Entertainment Group website.

Publisher's blurb: "Recently, there was a minor earthquake just off the coast of Vodacce. While the damage to inland sites was negligible, a portion of the cliffs on Falisci Island has slid into the ocean, revealing a partially buried keep in the side of the mountain. The remaining cliff face in which the building is embedded is very unstable and is gradually crumbling away, sending chunks of the building crashing into the sea. It is believed that this building was once the estate of Carlo Umberto Falisci, a nobleman who lived in the 14th century. It is rumoured that this man plundered several Syrneth sites he had discovered upon the island, and that he stashed the artefacts in a vault within his estate. His keep later disappeared without a trace, leading to much speculation. He was supposedly attempting to use the secrets of the artefacts to create common weapons with special or magical properties. Now that the Falisci keep has resurfaced, everyone who knows of its background is scrambling to plunder its hidden treasures."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Patrick Kapera, Ray Yand and John Zinser
Publishers' Reference: Unknown
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 8 pages
Date: 2004

No longer available...

Product page last updated: 15 January 2017