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7th Sea: Unstable Ground

Unstable Ground

Originally published in the short-lived magazine for 7th Sea GMs, Ordo Novus Mundi, a revised version was posted on Alderac Entertainment Group's website as a free download. I'm currently trying to track down who now owns it and if it can be made available again...

It tells the tale of a buried building revealed by a minor earthquake on the Vodacce coast, rumoured to be the residence of an explorer and collector of Syrneth artefacts... so of course there's a scramble to plunder the place before a crumbling cliff drops it into the sea for good and all. In case your party does not immediately join the rush, there are some hooks provided based on some of the secret societies if any of them happen to be members.

Once they've decided to go and take a look, whatever their motivations, they will need to take ship to the remote island where the building is perched on its crumbling cliff. Whenever they get there (and whoever they need to beat off on their way) the cliff is about to give way putting them under considerable time pressure as they explore... although they may not realise quite how close it is to collapse until the building begins to lurch...

There are detailed descriptions of each room and a floor plan to aid the exploration, and very basic details of the opposition - making it feel that they are just there to provide a fight for those players who want to practise swordplay rather than actually having much of a part in the adventure. Still, it makes for a good if basic adventure, and should provide an evening's entertainment for parties who enjoy exploration and the odd brawl. Some of the items, and the leader of the opposition if he survives, could lead to further adventure.

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Reviewed: 15 January 2017