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Adamant Entertainment Product List

Adamant Entertainment

Amazing Triple Action

Buccaneers and Bokor

D20 Masterkit

Franklyn's Almanac

Freeport D20

The Imperial Age

  • ADM4101: Advanced Class: Scientific Detective
  • ADM4102: Advanced Class: Monster Hunter
  • ADM4103: Imperial Age Magick
  • ADM4104: Spiritualism
  • ADM4105: Advanced Class: Alienist
  • ADM4106: The GameMaster's Guidebook to Victorian Adventure
  • ADM4107: Engines
  • ADM4108: Victorian Monstrosities
  • ADM4109: British India
  • ADM4110: Anarchism
  • ADM4111: London
  • ADM4112: Grimoire
  • ADM4113: Hell Hath No Fury
  • ADM4114: Faeries
  • ADM4115: Fisticuffs & Swordplay
  • ADM4116: Victorian Occupations
  • ADM4117: Advanced Class: Gentleman Scientist
  • ADM4118: The Price of Immortality
  • ADM4119: Fantastical Races


M&M Superlink

  • ADM8300: Pulp Archetypes
  • ADM8301: Pulp Archetypes 2
  • ADM8004: The 6th Seal
  • ADM8005: UNEARTHLY: Cosmic Heroes
  • ADM8007: Time Bomb
  • ADM8008: The Villainomicon

Northern Crown


  • ADM1501: Star System Intro & Generator
  • ADM1502: Wrecks of the Great Abyss
  • ADM1503: Persephone Station
  • ADM1504: The Magnificent Starfarers

Terminal Identity

Thrilling Tales


Venture 4th

  • ADM2100: Ice River Battle
  • ADM2101: Scourge of the Rat-Men
  • ADM2103: The Linotaur
  • ADM2104: Monster Maker
  • ADM2105: Pact of the Vermin Lords
  • ADM2106: Pact of the Angelic Choirs
  • ADM2107: Characters By Level
  • ADM2108: Pact of Blood


Core Books


  • The Skeletron Key
  • Sins of the Past
  • Jailbreak!
  • Murder of Crowes
  • The Mastermind Affair
  • The Aotearoa Gambit
  • Danger In Dunsmouth
  • Whiteout!

Company Product list last updated: 20 September 2011