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Dungeons & Dragons: The Siege of Draman Del

The Siege of Draman Del

The first adventure in the Seven Avengers saga, The Legend of the Steel General has as its backdrop an attack on the citadel of Draman Del by a horde of nomads from the east. This product is a straightforward war game of that siege, which can either be played out in full or used to give a more detailed background to what is going on in the adventure itself.

Not being very interested in large-scale combat, I leave the main battle well in the background, but if you do like more detail to interleave the character's adventures with - particularly when they undertake some of the 'special forces' style missions included in the course of the adventure, this could prove very useful. You may also find that your players might like to try a hypothetical "what if our characters weren't there to influence events" exercise to see just how legendary and epic their actions are!

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Reviewed: 16 February 2005