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Star Trek Adventures: Tribble Player Character

Tribble Player Character

I HATE TRIBBLES! There, I've got it off my chest. Now, what do we have here. Released as an April Fool freebie, the contents are actually quite sensible, should you have an urge to loose tribbles into your game. The use of them as player-characters is not recommended: following the game mechanics herein will bring your game session to a rapid juddering halt. You see, if your tribble PC finds a food source, it not only replicates itself, it turns everyone else at the table into a tribble. When even the GM has been turned into a tribble, that's the end of the session.

Leaving such silliness aside, these extended rules for tribbles provide a way to play them to the hilt as NPCs (or is that monsters?). They can either be pets or wild animals, and if not pets there are a variety of ways they can get aboard a starship, and various things they can get up to whilst there. There is even the possibility that they might have been assimilated by the Borg....

Don't dismiss this as just an April Fool joke (apart from using one as a player-character), you can use the rest to make tribbles a bit more interesting that the TV show's small furry nusiances!

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Reviewed: 22 February 2020