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Star Trek Adventures: Voyager Player Characters

Voyager Player Characters

This book is perhaps, even more than the others in this series presenting the main characters from the TV shows in playable format, an item of pure curiousity. Apart from the Emergency Medical Hologram, it's unlikely that the party will meet the crew of the USS Voyager, as the whole point of the show was that they were finding their way back home on their own through the Delta Quadrant. Of course, if you wish to recreate that epic journey on your tabletop, they will be useful; indeed, your players may wish to take on these roles for themselves.

The opening introduction is written by no less than the Emergency Medical Hologram program himself. He's worried by rumours that the EMH program has been axed during his absence and wonders what will happen to him: will he be switched off forever or given some kind of janitorial post?

We then get to read about Captain Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, the Emergency Medical Hologram, B'elanna Torres, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Kes, and Neelix, along with ship statistics for U.S.S. Voyager herself. There are additional sections on Holograms and Liberated Borg, enabling you to use them as player-characters or NPCs without having to actually play the Doctor or Seven of Nine.

Each character comes with a paragraph of introduction from the Emergency Medical Hologram, a full stat-block (with explanations of anything novel therein), and a full-length drawing. To breathe true personality into them though, it helps if you are familiar with the show as there is little to help with role-playing them here. There's nothing about the Ocampa and Talaxian species either (that's what Kes and Neelix are respectively), likewise passing comments about the Maquis make little sense unless you happen to know that the adventure started with Voyager hunting a Maquis ship into some badlands, the upshot being that both ships were flug into an entirely new quadrant of space and well-nigh destroyed, so the crews merged in an effort to get home.

It all makes for an interesting read, especially if you are familiar with the Voyager show on TV.

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Reviewed: 21 February 2020