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Star Trek Adventures: Deep Space Nine Player Characters

Deep Space Nine Player Characters

Perhaps your party will visit Deep Space Nine, or even live there. This work presents most of the notable characters from the TV show, so that the party can meet and interact with them... or even be them if preferred.

Interestingly, the introduction is written by a Cardassian spy. DS9 was built by the Cardassians, and they've always wanted it back. This 'Agent Viper' apparently also wrote the biographical notes on the characters presented, which makes for interesting reading.

A standard format, similar to the character collections from other shows in the Star Trek family, has been followed. A brief biographical note, a portrait, and a full stat block complete with explanations of anything new that's had to be added to portray notable features of the character in question. First up is Benjamin Sisko, then we have Kira Nerys, Worf, Miles O'Brien, Jadzia Dax, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Garack, and finally both DS9 and the USS Defiant. The entries on Odo and Quark are enhanced by the addition of notes about their respective species should anyone wish to play a Changeling or Ferengi character that isn't them.

It is interesting (and potentially useful) to see how the main characters from the TV show stack up - but there is little here to help you bring them to life. No mention of Sisko's obsession with the archaic sport of baseball, or of Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien's ongoing competiveness in racketball, darts or various holodeck games, or of Quark's gambling emporium in his bar. Watch the show if you want to take these characters from a dry stat block to a living, breathing inhabitant of your alternate reality.

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Reviewed: 20 February 2020