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Babylon 5 RPG 1e: The Fiery Trial

The Fiery Trial

Intended to get your game off to a flying start, this book contains four interconnected adventures that are intended to provide an overarcing plot (just like the TV show had) that you can intersperse with your own adventures... and just like the show, at the beginning the characters won't have a clue about it! It may not even become apparent which adventure is part of the arc until the end of that adventure, which provides a neat way to end a gaming session. There's also a note that in certain points, character actions may bring about events not in accord with the history of what happened in the show, and that these are highlighted - if keeping the show's story intact is important to you, you might wish to limit character options or otherwise modify what takes place in your game. Hopefully, the characters won't even notice as you implement the suggestions given here or come up with your own... it is suggested that you act like a Vorlon if they become too inquisitve!

Timelinewise, events in these adventures occur around the end of Season 1 of the TV show, and it all kicks off with the party being asked to find out what happened to a bunch of scientists who have gone missing whilst undertaking a survey mission out on the Rim. In the second arc adventure, the same fellow - who is reticent about who he works for - asks the characters to break a friend of his out of a Drazi gaol. The third adventure of the linked sequence sends the party after yet another missing survey party and the final one drops them right in the middle of galaxy-threatening events...

First of all, the characters have to get together. It's assumed they don't normally work together, or may even not know each other, but are on Babylon 5. There's a whole bunch of suggestions based on what class or species they are, along with notes on how themysterious fellow who does the hiring - his name is Anderson - will check them out beforehand, and keep them in line once hired. Time spent studying the adventures before running them will be repaid a thousandfold, there is so much detail that will go to make you game as rich and complex as, well, the TV show was.

Indeed, overall the entire book is jam-packed with information, much of which serves to spawn possible side adventures to intersperse between the main ones presented here. Using this collection of adventures should get your game off to a fine start in the best tradions of the TV show. irself, although you will need to prepare: these are not 'pick up and run' adventures by any means.

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Reviewed: 18 November 2019