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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Allies and Adversaries

Allies and Adversaries

This is a collection of fully-developed characters complete with stat blocks and backstories, intended for use as major NPCs or as characters for players who for whatever reason don't want to create their own. Each also comes with an illustration and role-playing notes.

It dives straight in, with a dwarf fighter, a human killing machine (rogue/fighter/assassin), a drow cleric, a human wizard/loremaster, a human druid/ranger/paladin (interesting mix with the backstory rationalises rather neatly), a half-fiend bard, a half-celestial cleric, a human figter/wizard, a human paladin-turned-blackguard, a lich (formerly human) wizard, a half-elf figher/rogue, an elf ranger, a human barbarian, an elf druid, and an elf cleric/monk.

Some are obvious prime candidates for a villain NPC role, but many could be enemies or allies. The lowest is 10th-level, most are considerably higher. That could give you an overwhelming enemy that the party needs to build up to being in a position to challenge... or if you have a high-level party and lose a party member, many could slot right in as someone they come across and invite along, thus saving the player the time needed mid-game to come up with a suitable character. The backstories facilitate this, as they take the character right through to how they got to where they are now, rather than merely dealing with their pre-adventuring lives.

They are all rather high-level for me, I tend to prefer less high-powered games... but I can see potential uses for them especially if you are pressed for time and need a high-level NPC without the need of creating one from scratch.

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Reviewed: 29 October 2019