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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Minions: Rebirth

Minions: Rebirth

Diving straight in with no preable, here's a fine collection of new monsters to enhance your game, presented in alphabetical order. Each one is illustrated in full colour, and as well as a full stat block, the description includes not just its physical appearance and behaviour but covers combat in detail. The really interesting bit, however, is a section headed 'Campaign' which discusses how the creature in question might fit into your game. Plenty of ideas there to spark whole adventures based around that creature, never mind incorporate them into whatever is already going on.

One delight is the amberjuron. It looks like a white owl, but one which wears sparkling jewellry and wields a wand. They are curious and collect knowledge, as well as crafting magical items. Offer some nice jewellry and you might have a trade. They're intended as a resource, a source of information for the party... and fly off if anyone wants to fight them!

Not all the creatures are sentient, but many are - which makes for much more interesting encounters, even when the intended purpose of an encounter is to provide the opportunity for a fight. Even the creatures of animal intelligence or less have their place, and there are many innovative ideas for how they can be used in the course of your campaign. Whilst you could just grab appropriate monsters when seeking to populate your dungeon or wilderness or wherever, this collection would repay more thoughtful planning to embed them as an integral part of your campaign.

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Reviewed: 2 July 2019