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ENnies Submissions 2019

The ENnies Awards

Here are the entries for the ENnies in 2019.

2CGaming, LLC

  • Epic Legacy Core Rulebook
  • Tyrants & Hellions

3 Toadstools Publishing

  • Return of the Blue Baron

9th Level Games

  • The Tragedies of Middle School

Aaron A. Reed

  • Archives of the Sky

AAW Games

  • Mini-Dungeon Tome
  • Adventureaweek.com
  • Future's Past: Infinity Incursion (4 of 5)
  • Occult Secrets of the Underworld

Absolute Tabletop

  • Adventure Kit: Shadows Over Driftchapel
  • The Mecha Hack
  • Be a Better Game Master: Inspire the Tavern

Adventures in Filbar/Murder Hobo, Inc.

  • Murder Hobo, Inc.
  • Murder Hobo, Inc.: Between the Rolls

Alex Klippinger

  • Tome of the Pact

Andrew Bishkinskyi

  • Six Summoned Swords

Anne Gregersen

  • Little Heroes: A Guide to Children at the Table
  • Sir Alkian's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse


  • Aaralyn's Stolen Notes

Anthony Joyce

  • The Heir of Orcus: Verse I & II

Appendix N Book Club

  • Appendix N Book Club

Ardens Ludere

  • Dinosaur Princesses

Artificer Games

  • Misfortune: Dramatic Roleplaying

Ashley Warren Writes

  • The Executioner's Daughter
  • Uncaged Volume I

Asians Represent!

  • Asians Represent! podcast

Astrolago Press

  • Faerie Fire, a 5e Supplemental

Atlas Games

  • Unknown Armies 3: Campaign Starter Kits

Baldman Games

  • MOON 2-2 Army of the Unseen
  • MOON 3-1 Atop the Fairheights
  • Moonshae Isles Regional Guide

Ben Heisler

  • DDAL08-11 Poisoned Words

Bloat Games

  • SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons: THE CRYPTID MANUAL
  • SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City: Core Rules
  • SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City: Villain's Guide
  • SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! 2nd Edition

Blue Sword Games

  • The World of Adranon

Boccob's Blessed Blog

  • Boccob's Blessed Blog

Broken Ruler Games

  • By the General's Hand
  • High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game
  • The Official High Plains Samurai Website

Buried Without Ceremony Games

  • Dream Askew/Dream Apart

Campaign Coins

  • Deven Rue Map Weights
  • Epic D20 Coins

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

  • Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Cat Evans & Liz Gist

  • Extraordinary Inns & Taverns

Catalyst Game Labs

  • BattleTech: Forever Faithful
  • BattleTech: Iron Dawn (Book 1 of the Rogue Academy Trilogy)
  • BattleTech: Legacy

Cementville Games

  • cementville.


  • 13th Age Glorantha
  • Alone Against the Dark
  • Call of Cthulhu Starter Set
  • Call of Cthulhu - Terror Australis 2nd Edition
  • Masks of Nyarlathotep
  • Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection
  • Runequest
  • RuneQuest: Gamemaster Screen Pack
  • RuneQuest: Gloranthan Bestiary
  • RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Slipcase Set
  • Scritch Scratch
  • The Glorantha Sourcebook


  • Chimpions RPG Podcast

Christopher Willett

  • Planeswalkers of Ravnica
  • Ravnica Revealed: The Guildemaster's Toolbox

Cobalt Sages Creations

  • Aberrant Codex: Aberrant Allies

Creature Curation

  • Revilo: Creature Collection Volume 1

Creature Curation/Norse Foundry

  • Cardography: Break Through the Icy Divide
  • Cardography: Enter the Fiery Pits

Critical Dice

  • The Deck of Stories

Cthulhu Reborn

  • Dateline: Lovecraft #1: Arkham, 1928

Cubicle 7

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Rulebook
  • Laughter of Dragons for The One Ring
  • Bree-land Region Guide for Adventures in Middle-Earth

d20 Dames

  • d20 Dames
  • Escape from the Fortress of Memories
  • Safety Guaranteed

D&D Adventurers' League/Alan Patrick

  • DDAL-ELW00 What's Past is Prologue

D&D Adventurers' League/Greg Marks

  • CCC-GHC-BK1-07 The Peculiar Case of Selptan Felines
  • DDAL-ELW01 Murder in Skyway
  • DDAL00-09 Minsc & Boo's Guide to Stuff and Things
  • DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
  • DDHC-MORD-01 Riddle of the Raven Queen
  • Durnan's Guide to Tavernkeeping
  • Mirt's Undermountain Survival Guide

Daedalum Analog Productions

  • Behind the Masc
  • Script Change RPG Toolbox
  • Thoughty

Dana Cameron

  • CATS&CATS: cat cat catcat cat catly cats

Darklight Interactive

  • A Night in Seyvoth Manor

Dave McAlister

  • Dnd5e.info
  • Modus Operandi

David Brunell-Brutman

  • Hogwarts: An RPG
  • Hogwarts: An RPG Website

David Hartlage

  • DM David

David Hopkins

  • Red War: Lost Ashes of a Wayward Gnome
  • The Verdantium: A Red War Roleplaying Guide

David Markiwsky

  • Gimble's Guide to the Feywild

Delenia Creations

  • Duality: A Guide to Half Races

Density Media

  • Fishscale
  • Nice Monsters & Scary Sprites
  • Strings: A TTRPG Supplement About Death, Life, and the Fallacy of Memory


  • Dicegeeks

DMs Guild Adepts

  • Waterdeep: City Encounters


  • The Curse of Skull Island

Dog House Rules LLC

  • Trailer Park Shark Attack!

Don't Split the Podcast Network

  • Table Top Babble
  • The Demonplague

Dream Machine Productions

  • Technoir: Kepler Station

Drinking Horn Games

  • Sagas of Midgard Corebook

Dungeon Channel

  • DunGen: High Resolution Dungeon Generator for Discord

Dungeon Master of None

  • Dungeon Master of None

Dungeon Rollers

  • Ancestral Weapons

Dungeon Solvers

  • Dungeon Solvers


  • DUNGEONFOG: Free Online Map Maker & Authoring Tool
  • DUNGEONFOG: Premium Online Map Maker & Authoring Tool

Dwarven Forge

  • Dwarven Forge's Dungeon of Doom Free Module
  • Dwarven Forge's Dungeon of Doom Modular Terrain

Dying Stylishly Games

  • Cavegirl's Game Stuff
  • Esoteric Enterprises
  • The Stygian Library

Elven Tower Cartography

  • Cartography and Adventure Collection

Encoded Designs

  • Hydro Hacker Operatives: Ashcan Edition
  • Iron Edda Accelerated
  • Mark's Half-Eaten Burger Larp

Escape Box Games

  • Suited: Free Sample Edition
  • Suited: Playset Booster Pack #1
  • Suited: Playset Booster Pack #2

Fandible Podcast Network

  • Fandible Actual Play Podcast
  • Fandible Longshot
  • Fandible Soloshot

FASA Games

  • Questors

Felix, J.

  • Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG


  • Ghost Ops: Modern Day Covert Operations
  • Ghost Ops: Operation Snowstorm

Free League Publishing

  • Forbidden Lands: Retro Open-World Survival Fantasy RPG
  • Symbaroum Monster Codex
  • Coriolis: Emissary Lost

Galileo Games

  • People of the Zone

Game Geeks

  • Game Geeks


  • The Curators

Garret Colón

  • CCC-OCC-01 Red War: Housekeeping


  • A Complete Guide to Creating Epic Campaigns
  • How to be a Great GM podcast

Genesis of Legend Publishing

  • Lonely Timbers

Ginny Loveday

  • DDAL-ELW4 Jack of Daggers

Go Nerdy LLC

  • Power Outage: Core Guide Book

Golden Goblin Press

  • The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus

Grumpy Old Gamers

  • Grumpy Old Gamers

Ham-Fisted Productions/Unwinnable

  • The Vintage RPG Podcast

Helmgast AB

  • KULT: Divinity Lost, 4th Edition of KULT: Core Rules
  • The Black Madonna
  • KULT: Divinity Lost: Tarot Deck


  • Encounters: For Planning and Running RPG Encounters

Hex Games

  • American Artifacts: The Complete Collection

High Level Games

  • Snowhaven Jumpstart

High Rock Press

  • Champions Character Creation Cards
  • Champions Character Creation Cards Expansion Pack

Highland Paranormal Society

  • In the Light of a Ghost Star
  • Temple of the Bat Serpent

HopePunk Press

  • Spaceships and Starwyrms: Core Sourcebook

HPL Historical Society/Chaosium

  • Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: Masks of Nyarlathotep
  • Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set

Hydra Cooperative

  • The Ultraviolet Grasslands: Free Introduction
  • What Ho, Frog Demons!
  • Witchburner

Infinite Black

  • Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes
  • Doom Edition Lorecrafter GM Screen
  • Orb and Path Lorecrafter GM Screen

Inkwell Ideas

  • Sidequest Decks: After the Total Party Kill
  • Sidequest Decks: Lovecraftian/Paranormal

Insane Angel Studios

  • The Hidden Halls of Hazakor

Introcaso Creative, LLC

  • Tactical Maps: Adventure Atlas
  • The Demonplague
  • World Builder Blog

Iron GM Games

  • Abbatoir 8

Jeff C. Stevens

  • Villains & Lairs
  • Encounters on the Savage Seas
  • The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss

Jon Hodgson Illustration

  • Jon Hodgson Maps Patreon

Kelly Riley Mangerino

  • Heart of a Hero

Knight Errant Media

  • Titan Effect: The Role-Playing Game

Knights of Vasteel

  • Magwa's Magic Item Compendium Mobile App

Kobold Press

  • Creature Codex for 5th Edition

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

  • Eldritch Cock
  • Going Through Forbidden Otherworlds
  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • Obscene Serpent Religion 2
  • Random Esoteric Creature Generator
  • She Bleeds
  • Sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • The Punchline

Land of NOP LLC

  • SIGMATA: This Signal Kills Fascists

Last Word Audio

  • Sly Flourish's Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master (audio book)

Lauren Bryant-Monk

  • The Page I Didn't Write

Lazy Litches Loot

  • Woodfall: Dark Fantasy Mini Setting

Legendary Games

  • Aethera Field Guide I
  • Alien Bestiary
  • Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium
  • Pirate Campaign Compendium
  • Star Empires

Limitless Adventures

  • 5th Evolution: Mystery in the Sahara
  • 5th Evolution: Tunnel of Terror
  • 5th Evolution: Conflict in Carbide City

Lion Forge

  • Rolled & Told No. 5
  • Rolled & Told No. 6
  • Rolled & Told No. 8

Loke BattleMats

  • Giant Book of Battle Mats
  • The Big Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats

Lone Wolf Development

  • Hero Lab Online for PF Playtest
  • Realm Works Content Market

Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett

  • Shit Bird Shit Fight
  • Two Aromantics Spend an Entire Day Doing Everything Except Experiencing Romantic Attraction

Lunar Games, Inc.

  • Endless Realms: Corebook
  • Endless Realms: Creature Compedium

Ma'at Crook

  • Vacant

Magpie Games

  • Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Lore
  • Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Mirrors
  • Bluebeard's Bride: Deck of Mysterious Objects
  • Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Rooms
  • Bluebeard's Bride: Tarot of Servants
  • Secrets of A.E.G.I.S: A Masks Supplement
  • Unbound: A Masks Supplement

Mana Project Studio

  • Journey to Ragnarok
  • Journey to Ragnarok: d24 RuneDice
  • Journey to Ragnarok: Game Master Screen

Manifest Zone

  • Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Matthew Kay

  • Mud & Blood: A Podcast Dark & Grim

Melsonian Arts Council

  • Troika! Numinous Edition

Menagerie Press

  • Careless Adventurer's Guide to Hazards
  • CCC-SFBAY-04-03 The Ashen Scar
  • Swords of the Moonsea: Five Adventurers

Metal Weave Games

  • Baby Bestiary 5e Beast Companions
  • Baby Bestiary: Caretaker Warlock
  • Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (Standard Cover)
  • Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (Deluxe Cover)

Michael Terlisner Publishing

  • Modos 2, Deluxe Edition

Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press

  • Midnight in the City of Brass

Misdirected Mark Productions

  • Down with D&D
  • Panda's Talking Games
  • She's a Super Geek
  • The Gnomecast
  • The Misdirected Mark Podcast

Miskatonic University Podcast

  • Miskatonic University Podcast

Mitchell Smithson

  • CCC-GHC-BK1-02 The Tithes That Bind

Modiphius Entertainment

  • Star Trek Adventures: The Sciences Division Supplemental Rulebook
  • Star Trek Adventures Miniatures: The Next Generation Away Team
  • John Carter of Mars: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom Core Rulebook
  • Conan: Horrors of the Hyborian Age
  • John Carter of Mars: Narrator's Toolkit

Molten Sulfur Press

  • Molten Sulfur Blog

MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing

  • The Midderlands Expanded
  • Murder Knights of Corvendark
  • Midderzine Issue #1

Monkeyfun Studios

  • Bedlam Hall: A Terrible Tale of a Continuation of Horrible Events
  • Spirit of 77: Double Feature #5: Nightmare at 77,000 Feet and All the Anti-Christ's Men

Monte Cook Games

  • Cypher Play Numenera Season 18-2: Building Amber Keep
  • Invisible Sun
  • Invisible Sun in PDF
  • Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny Slipcase Set
  • Priests of the Aeons
  • Ruin Deck
  • Secrets of Silent Streets
  • Slaves of the Machine God
  • Wicked Keys

Mostly Harmless Games

  • Mutants in the Night
  • plot ARMOR

M.T. Black

  • The Lich-Queen's Begotten

Mundos Colidem

  • Meddling Kids

Narrative Dynamics

  • Goblinville Gazette Issue 1: Rules of Play

Necrotic Gnome

  • Winter's Daughter: 5th Edition Version

Neo Tokyo Project

  • CCC-RPSG-01 Ooze There?

NerdBurger Games

  • Die Laughing
  • Die Laughing: Sliced Up

Nerdy City

  • Rememorex

New Comet Games

  • Devil's Swamp: Encountering Ancient Terrors in the Hockomock
  • Operation: Arctic Blast

Nicholas Johnson

  • Draconick.com

Nightfall Games

  • SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1

Nomnivore Games Inc.

  • EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia Campaign
  • EMBERWIND: Sunlight and Sky Vignette

NonZero Sum Games

  • Creative D&D Characters

Norse Foundry

  • Atmar's Adventure Compass

Northland Creative Wonders

  • The Black Book

Okumarts Games

  • Darkfast Dungeons Expansion Set Two: Steam & Sword
  • Operation: Knightshade, A Gramma World Adventure
  • Contraption Set Four: Explorers

Old Magic Gaming

  • Old Magic Gaming

Oliver Clegg

  • City of Eyes

Orcs Unlimited Games

  • Big Russ's Big Book of Bugs
  • Zombie Apocalypse the Musical

Overhead Games

  • ePic Character Generator

Paige Leitman

  • DDAL08-10 The Skull Square Murders

Paizo Fans United

  • Wayfinder #18: Fey and the First World


  • Imaginationland
  • Return to Isla de Monos: A Monkey Island Tribute

Paper Blossoms

  • Paper Blossoms: An Unofficial Character Generator for L5R (FFG)

Pelgrane Press

  • 13th Age Dice Tray
  • Hideous Creatures: A Bestiary of the Cthulhu Mythos
  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
  • Loot Harder: A Book of Treasures
  • See Page XX: The Pelgrane Press webzine
  • The Book of Ages
  • The Fall of DELTA GREEN
  • The Persephone Extraction

Petersen Games

  • Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e
  • Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos (Leatherbound)

Phoenix Outlaw Productions

  • Smoke and Glass

Pickpocket Press

  • Low Fantasy Gaming (Colour) Deluxe Edition

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

  • Flash Gordon Limited Edition Collectors Box Set

Planet X Games

  • Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride

Plot Points Productions

  • Plot Points

Porcupine Publishing

  • The Elephant & Macaw Banner: Player's Guide
  • The Legend of the Golden Condor
  • The Order of the Last

Psychoda Press

  • The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion

Questing Beast

  • Questing Beast Podcast

R Talsorian Games

  • The Witcher RPG

Red Moon Roleplaying

  • Red Moon Roleplaying

Renegade Game Studios

  • Overlight: The Roleplaying Game of Kaleidoscopic Journeys

Renegade Game Studios/Hunters Entertainment

  • Kids on Bikes

Retro Role-Player: Chuck McGrew

  • Don't Look Back: Terror is Never Far Behind 3rd Edition

Rogue Games

  • Colonial Gothic Atlas

Roll 4 Tarrasque

  • Bakto's Terrifying Cuisine

Room 209 Gaming

  • Home of Lost Hope

R P Davis, Ashley Warren, Christopher Walz, Jeromy Schulz-Arnold, & Scott Bean

  • Mordenkainen's Lost Notebook

Sage Advice

  • Sage Advice

Sanctum Media

  • Appendix (Nightmares)
  • Escape from Yule Mountain
  • Sanctum Secorum
  • The Sanctum Secorum Companion
  • The Sanctum Secorum Podcast

Saturday Morning Scenarios

  • Lamp's Light Sanitarium

Scriv the Bard

  • Heroes of Lyastera: The Luminous Lake
  • Scriv the Bard: Adventurers Wanted
  • Scriv's D&D Storytelling Workshops

Scott Bean, Alex Clippinger, Micah Watt

  • Faiths of the Forgotten Realms

Serpent Cyborg Games

  • A Cozy Den
  • Something is Wrong Here

Sersa Victory

  • Testament of Malice

Seth Skorkowsky

  • Seth Skorkowsky

Skinny Avacado Games

  • Deep Gods Gyre

Shawn Tomkin

  • Ironsworn

Sinopa Publishing, LLC

  • Santa Dragon Claws Presents: Twenty-Five Holiday Magic Items 2018
  • Tarot Adventures, Book Two: Comet Over Echo Rock
  • The Steel Road
  • Whispers of Persephone

Son of Oak Game Studio

  • City of Mist Player's Guide
  • City of Mist MC Toolkit
  • City of Mist Core Set

Sons of the Singularity

  • The Sassoon Files


  • Spellburn


  • The Black Hack 2nd Edition

Stygian Fox Publishing

  • Fear's Sharp Little Needles

Sweden Rolls

  • Sweden Rolls

Sweet Potato Press

  • Companion's Tale

Swordfish Islands, LLC

  • Silent Titans
  • Silent Titans: Digital
  • Silent Titans: Extras
  • A New Map of Hot Springs Island

Terminally Nerdy

  • Game Dev and Getting the Word Out
  • Pathology: The Champion Fighter
  • Pathology: The Moon Druid

The Alexandrian

  • The Alexandrian

The Dice Girls

  • The Dice Girls

The Diecast Podcast

  • The Diecast Podcast

The Gauntlet

  • Fear of a Black Dragon
  • The Gauntlet Blog

The Geek Pantheon

  • Eberron Renewed: A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

  • The Good Friends of Jackson Elias Podcast

The Other Side Blog

  • The Other Side Blog, OMG: One Man's God Series

The Role Initiative

  • CCC-TRI-05 Hunt of Malar
  • CCC-TRI-06 Haggard Heroes
  • CCC-TRI-07 Beneath the Moonsea
  • CCC-TRI-08 Dreadful Wail
  • CCC-TRI-18 Pros & Cons (An Original Adventure by The Role Initiative)

The Rolistes Podcast

  • The Rolistes Podcast

The Round Table

  • The D&D Round Table

The RPG Academy

  • Film Studies Episode 5: Delicatessen
  • Trial of Orpheus Protocol: Group 13, Part 1

Theotanium Games

  • Atarashia: A Gazetteer
  • Gobsmacked!

Third Eye Games

  • Part Time Gods 2E

Thistle Games

  • Coffeelocked
  • The Lagoon

Thorny Games

  • Dialect: A Game about Language and How it Dies

Thumos Games

  • The Lost Age, Tales from Khem

Tim Hutchings

  • Magic Fish Pond
  • A Tiny Person

Total Party Thrill

  • Total Party Thrill: RPG Advice From Our Table to Yours

Travis Woodall

  • CCC-3MAGS-ONE Vormestrand's Scroll
  • DDAL00-08 Layers Upon Layers


  • Top Secret: New World Order

Tuesday Knight Games

  • Mothership: Player's Survival Guide
  • Mothership: Dead Planet

UFO Press Limited

  • Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition
  • Rhapsody of Blood

Ulisses Spiele International

  • Wrath & Glory, Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Core Rules
  • Torg Eternity: The Living Land Sourcebook

Utherwald Press

  • Frozen Skies

Vance Games

  • Mother's Maze

Very Random Encounters

  • Very Random Encounters

VSCA Publishing

  • The King Machine
  • Sand Dogs

Wanderer's Haven Publications

  • A Vile Wake
  • An Open Secret
  • Feast of the Moon
  • Necromancer of Zhentil Keep
  • Something Vile This Way Comes
  • Winds of Rot

Wandering Monsters

  • Wandering Monsters - A Weekly D&D Newscast

Warding Circle

  • Mysteries of the Yökai

Weapons Grade Funk

  • HC SVNT DRACONES Second Edition

What Happens Next, Inc.

  • Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG

Wheel Tree Press

  • The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power

Wild Endeavors

  • Wild Endeavors

Willy Abeel

  • The Book of House

Wolfwyzard Press

  • The Deep Dark

Word Mill

  • The Adventure Crafter

Wordplay Games

  • Liminal

World Anvil LTD

  • World Anvil Freeman Tier Worldbuilding & Campaign Management Platform
  • World Anvil Grandmaster Tier Worldbuilding & Campaign Management Platform

Worldbuilding Wizard

  • World Anvil Custom Themes

Zan's Adventures

  • Zan's Adventures: Gordon's Bluff

List last updated: 11 June 2019