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C.J. Carella`s Witchcraft

C.J. Carella's Witchcraft

Originally published by Myrmidon Press in 1996, a Second Edition was brought out in 1999 by Eden Studios. It uses the Unisystem game mechanic, and is a world very like our own but with a much darker side. The monsters and horrors that fill our legends and "fairy tales" walk the earth, hunting and using us for their own purposes. The spirits and vampyres, demons and angels, shapeshifters and things unimagined, all move through our world just as they have since time immemorial. And we have helped them remain hidden for we no longer believe in the unseen.

WitchCraft draws heavily on modern Neo-Paganism and its practices; and characters can be Gifted (capable of magic use) or Mundane... or even members of supernatural races.

Witchcraft 1e Witchcraft 2e
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Page last updated: 18 June 2019