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Conspiracy X 2e: The Extraterrestials Sourcebook

The Extraterrestials Sourcebook

With loads of background on aliens, let the conspiracies about them run wild!

Publisher's blurb: "Project Bluebook lied to you. THEY are among us, and have been for some time.

"Although sightings of UFOs have increased since that fateful crash in Roswell, aliens have been on Earth for longer than we could have imagined.

"Witnesses have described three distinct types of aliens-the diminutive 'Greys' with their powerful psychic abilities, the shape-shifting lizardmen that fill conspiracy theories, and the perfect humanoids.

"Although Project Bluebook told the public that UFOs were not real, Aegis knows that for the smokescreen it is. The reptilian Saurians manipulate their bodies to infiltrate society, becoming emotionless, authoritarian 'Men In Black'. The mind-boggling Greys abduct and experiment, seeking to hybridize and to control. Those perfect humanoids, dubbed the Atlanteans, use advanced technology to wield near godlike powers and manipulate humanity from behind the scenes.

"Humanity has long considered itself the dominant species on Earth. Faced with three potent alien races, that position has never been more tenuous. Aegis may well be humanity's only hope against extinction."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Author: David F. Chapman
Publishers' Reference: EDN5601
ISBN: 1-891153-09-9
Hardback, 192 pages
Date: May 2010

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Product page last updated: 6 May 2019