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Star Trek Adventures: Nest in the Dark

Nest in the Dark

Intended for TNG era games, but can be adapted to different eras if preferred.

Publisher's blurb: "Make First Contact with an Alien Computer System!

"When your starship's warp drive fails, you encounter a strange subspace field generated by an alien construct - a Matryoshka Brain, a networked computer system large enough to completely surround a star.

"As you attempt to make contact with the entities living within the Brain, you discover that the alien construct is on a course toward the Federation colony in the Foggy Peak system, and that the vessel's massive subspace field will destroy the colony and the system as it passes by.

"Can you learn how to communicate with the inhabitants of the alien Brain and convince them of their need to change course before the Federation colony is destroyed?"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Aaron M. Pollyea
Publishers' Reference: MUH051428
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 19 pages
Date: April 2019

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Product page last updated: 18 April 2019