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Star Trek Adventures: Trouble on Omned III

Trouble on Omned III

In this adventure, the party's routine science mission (or whatever else you have them embroiled in) is interrupted by orders to head for a planet called Omned III where civil war is about to break out! Living on the fringes of Federation Space, the locals are a human-like species who have achived space travel, indeed the elite in this class-ridden society live on an orbital platform while the 'ordinary' folk remain on the planetary surface. The quarrel is about the failure of a surface-grown cure for a disease endemic to the planet that causes accelerated ageing. Shipments sent to the orbital enclave don't appear to be working, and the elite think it's a deliberate plot to do away with them.

A surface-dweller has contacted the Federation for help, although the elite are not interested in their help. The nature of the adventure is such that it may be played in any era, and Omned III can be located anywhere convenient. Indeed, it would be possible to change the species involved if another one suits your needs better.

As soon as orders come in, the party may research Omned III and the native species (who are called the Shean) in the databases. Their welcome at the orbital facility will depend on how much they reveal of their orders, although they'll get a basically friendly reception whatever they say. Once the matter is aired, the elite are adamant: it's a plot on the part of the surface-dwellers to harm them, and they won't be swayed from their plans to deal with them severely. They will however accept the party's help in studying the afflicted patients, and the 'cure' that they have been sent... but they are reluctant to allow them to make contact with the surface dwellers. The surface-dwellers will, on the other hand, be delighted to welcome them.

There is plenty of information about what makes key players tick, and several ways in which the GM can ramp up threat levels as appropriate both in the orbital station and on the surface. The background to the disease is well-described as is the issue with the 'cure', and it ought to be possible for the party to figure out what the problem is, and to suggest a remedy. Whilst it is entirely possible that the adventure will end in bloodshed, careful science and a measure of diplomacy have a good chance of resolving the situation peacefully. Both outcomes are detailed, and there are suggestions for follow-up adventures.

This is a nicely-constructed adventure that has a real Star Trek feel to it - it's easy to imagine it as an episode in the show. The party's actions will have a lasting effect on Omned III.

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Reviewed: 17 April 2019