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Palladium FRPG 2e: Bizantium and the Northern Islands

Bizantium and the Northern Islands

You got me at 'sea serpent'!

Publisher's blurb: "To the civilized world, Bizantium and the waters and lands around it are frightening. A realm of sea serpents, monsters, and barbarians. To the heroes and people who live there, it is a realm of adventure, beauty and opportunity.

"One might consider Bizantium as the center of adventure and mystery in the North. Many are the myths of ancient gods, lost treasures and strange creatures. On the mainland, there are the Wolfen and their canine kin, the Kiridin barbarians, the turbulent Shadow Coast colonies, and all manner of monsters and secrets in the Northern Hinterlands and Great Northern Mountains. Living near the edge of the Sea of Despair and in the shadow of the Land of the Damned, sea monsters and danger are but a short voyage away and make all too frequent a visit to the Bizantium islands.

"North of Bizantium is the Icy Ocean and Great Ice Shelf, places where only a handful of the bravest Bizantian sailors have ever set sail, and the rest of the world knows nothing about. For kingdoms in the south, only a few scholars have ever heard of the Great Ice Shelf or the cannibalistic Necromancers known as the Iceborn who make the frozen wasteland their home. Those who have heard tales of the land of ice and death are convinced they are nothing but the stuff of myth. Very soon, they will find out otherwise.

"And these are but a few of the revelations presented in Bizantium and the Northern Islands. Discover for yourself the wonders and horrors that await."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Book Details:
Authors: Glen Evans, Matthew Clements, and Kevin Siembieda
Publishers' Reference: PAL474
ISBN: 1-57457-235-0
Paperback, 192 pages
Date: 2015

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Product page last updated: 24 March 2019