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A heady mix of Old West and fantasy where sixguns vie with spellbooks.

Publisher's blurb: "In this place, a man is free -- free to live, and free to die.

"Rawhide evokers try to carve a name for themselves in a new frontier. Dwarven prospectors risk life, limb, and sanity for wealth. Veteran sharpshooters sell their services to the highest bidder. Boss dragons control local economies, working both under the table and above the law.

"Them pistol poppers will try ta tell ya that yer wastin? yer time, studying spells and learnin? ta cast ?em on the fly. A shooter and a quick trigger finger is all ya need, they say, and a magic-piercing bullet in the throat will kill any spell before it?s born. Sure, they?re right, there?s pros and there?s cons to the biz, but that smug look on their faces changes awful quick when it?s lit up by a fireball! ? Sam Ghostgrinner, spellslinger and mercenary."

More when I get hold of a copy!

Click HERE if you want to buy this book from Amazon.com or HERE if you prefer to use Amazon UK.

Click HERE to get a PDF version from DriveThruRPG.com

Book Details:
Author: Kevin Wilson
Publishers' Reference: HR04
ISBN: 1-58994-111-X
Paperback, 64 pages
Date: February 2004

Product page last updated: 31 December 2005