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Cyberpunk 2020: Chromebook 4

Chromebook 4

For the shop-until-you-drop 'punk (and let's face it, nearly all of them are!), here is the fourth of the mostly in character catalogues of 'stuff' that characters can buy. The game mechanics for each item are handled in a Game Notes section in italics - easy to find if you need them, easy to ignore if the character rather than the player is studying the catalogue.

The first section is Cyberware and Chipware, and opens with an exotic joint modification that has martial arts schools all excited and some finger replacements of varing use - although many a teacher may long to install the Ballpoint Finger in their whole class to stop wails of "I forgot my pen" from their students! Just about everything is illustrated, with company logos and advertising-speak running throughout - really giving the impression of some kind of style magazine.

The next section is Bioware and Nanotech, which the writers state, in their overexcited style, is the new up and coming way to enhance yourself. There's some weird and wonderful stuff here... complete with quotes from users, and links where appropriate to items written about elsewhere - including highlighting material drawn from Interface magazine.

We then move on to vehicles, with bikes and cars, trucks and police vehicles. Luxury cars, military vehicles and AVs are also available here. These are followed by Netgear and Software, some useful software and hardware to entertain your Netrunners, and then as section on Fashion. Definitely clothes for people who want to be looked at! There are sketches of various styles with fashion-mag descriptions and a fairly comprehensive price list. You might want to compare with current styles - some appear almost contemporary Urban! You might like them or hate them, but your 'punk needs to look stylish.

Finally, there's a section of Equipment, all those useful bits and bobs that may make the difference between success and failure. There's some fun stuff here, like a liquid to pour out when someone is chasing you which can glue their feet to the floor or even burst into flames if they step on it. A pricelist and index for the whole book round things up. Another useful collections of stuff your character cannot live without, did they but know it all existed!

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Reviewed: 19 February 2019