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Cyberpunk 2020: Edgerunners, Inc

Edgerunners, Inc

Take the worry of finding a job out of the equation, hire on to the Cyberpunk version of a Private Military Company.

Publisher's blurb: "WANTED: Talented individuals possessing hi-tech weaponry and grey-to-black cyberware for extraction, bodyguarding, asset acquisition, smuggling, investigation, demolitions, codecracking, repossession, counter-repossession, damaging and messing with corporate property, organizational rivalries, secure computer systems, and engagement in other profitable but only remotely legal operations. Pay is high, double crosses are rare, and full Trauma Team coverage is available for on-the-job fatalities. No weefles, posers, or wanna-bes need apply. For more information, contact: Edgerunners, Inc.

"A full-service organization dedicated to providing enterprising Edgerunners with high-quality temporary employment. Join our organization and engage in covert (and not so covert) missions. You'll deal with more than ten corporations and receive dossiers on over two dozen useful Edgerunners who, like yourself, are looking for ways to stack up some fast euro.

"Edgerunners Inc: It's not just a job - it's some Adventures!"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Authors: Andrew M. Borelli, Michael G. Nelson, and Scott Taylor
Publishers' Reference: CP3391
ISBN: 0-937279-63-3
Paperback, 82 pages
Date: 1995

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Product page last updated: 29 January 2019