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Dungeons & Dragons: Spellbinder`s Sourcebook Vol.2

Spellbinder's Sourcebook Vol.2

Here is a collection of 50 arcane spells, of which 25 are brand-new and 25 come from past Bloodstone Press products, all fine-tuned for use with the 3.5 revision of D&D.

Most of the spells are suited for combat casting, with a wonderful range of really nasty things to do to your opposition. Fancy casting disembowel and literally watch his guts fall out? Blood, sweat and tears will leave him bleeding and tired out with blurred vision... just ready for your fighter cohorts to dive in to the attack. Or if you know someone who talks too much, try lockjaw, which will stop him spellcasting or even eating or drinking as he cannot move his jaws!

More subtle spellcasters might care to disguise themselves with masquerade, prior to casting contumancy and turning the enemy's henchmen into an argumentative and disobedient horde.

Overall, a good collection, especially for the combat-oriented spell-slinger, and interesting things to add to the NPCs' spellbooks for your players to find and experiment with for themselves. It's already giving me ideas for things to add to the next adventure in the game I run!

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