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Cyberpunk 2020: Corporation Report 2020 Volume 2

Corporation Report 2020 Volume 2

The introduction explains the importance of corporations in the Cyberpunk 2020 world, and how it's likely that the party will at least some of the time find themselves working for or against one - often both, working for one and against another - with all the longer term ramifications that the association might bring. While the core rulebook has capsule descriptions of some of the leading players, the CorpBook series is designed to flesh them out in far more detail. This time, with a military theme, it is the turn of Lazarus (a provider of mercenaries) and MiliTech (the weapons supplier some of whose product is no doubt in the hands of the group already!).

For both, starting with the corporation's history, there's a look at the main products and services that they offer, along with their stated (and unstated) corporate goals and market strategies. Then we get down to detail with notable individuals within the corporation, their major offices and other facilities and even notes on company uniforms. Don't laugh, if you want to infiltrate, the best way is to look like you belong... There are also hints about using that corporation in your game and a complete, if small, adventure you can run involving them. Reading the entries will spawn plenty more ideas, however.

The Lazarus Military Group, to give it its full title, was set up by a war hero and a wealthy investor to provide military services for hire. A short story gives some background, then we hear how the company was set up and the first recruits trained up in 2010. The lure of excellent pay and exciting prospects brought many in despite the dangers, and there was no shortage of corporate clients for their services. As well as all-out military forces - from a regiment or more to a squad of 20 individuals - they can also supply solo operatives who undertake more espionage-like tasks. They don't do corporate security, though, their troops are aimed at one thing: combat. Advisors can also be supplied to those wishing to raise and train their own armed forces. All their services are expensive, and their lawyers are as good as their war-fighters judging by the contacts you have to sign! Primary targets for their services are larger corporations and small nation-states, although they will work for anyone who can pay their fees. There's plenty about notable personnel, working practices, uniforms, facilities and so on, and a short scenario involving members of a Lazarus special operations cadre.

Interestingly, Lazarus uses MiliTech weapons and equipment exclusively (and gets a decent discount), which leads naturally on to a look at MiliTech itself. Their corporate aim is to be the pre-eminent manufacturer of weapons in the world. Their beginnings stem from 1998, when a small high-tech arms designer was in competition with more well-known weapons manufacturers for a US military contract for small arms. One of the Joint Chiefs was greatly enamoured of the designer's work and argued passionately for its adoption. Big business won out, but the general resigned and went to work with the designer: MiliTech is the result. Its growth has not been completely smooth - some of its takeovers of other companies have been hostile to the extent of actual corporation warfare. As well as weapons large and small, they market vehicles, troops (nothing like as sophisticated as Lazarus ones) and contract police services to settlements and nations. This puts them in constant low-level conflict with Arasaka - plenty of scope in this bickering to catch your party up in the middle of it, if you are so minded. Long-term corporate goals, key personalities, facilities and all you need to make MiliTech come alive as employer, enemy or whatever role you have planned for them are also provided here. Again, the mini-adventure puts the party as MiliTech employees.

There's a lot of material here to get the creative juices flowing. Everything is clearly laid out, and is written in a real 'corporate report' manner, most is virtually in-character and player-friendly (although its likely nobody knows senior executives' stats and other details to the extent they are given here!). Corporations loom large in everyday life in Cyberpunk 2020, so enjoy involving them: as employers, targets, adversaries... or perhaps one of the party just needs a new handgun. Now you know who they are buying from!

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Reviewed: 20 November 2018