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Dungeons & Dragons: Skirmish Tiles - Fiendish Grounds

Skirmish Tiles: Fiendish Grounds

Short of ideas for nasty places for your players to end up? Fancy a fight in a lava pool or around a pillar of skulls? Here is a fine array of 'skirmish tiles' to build a series of interesting (in the Chinese sense) places that can serve as the setting for many an adventure.

In this PDF, there are a full 30 'tiles' that can be put together to create whatever setting your fiendish imagination can devise. While presented in the familiar lush style that marks all 0one Games product, these tiles lack the three-dimension effect used in their battlemaps, allowing them to be mixed and matched as you please.

Each tile is presented in both full colour and greyscale and, like any PDF, you can print as many copies as you'd like of any individual tile. The collection includes an iron gate, wall and towers, a pond of blood, the ribcage of some long-departed creature, bogs, lava pits, hallways lined with fire and even the aura of a fire dragon.

Coupled with other tiles you can create just about anything, and if you are short of ideas several sample layouts are provided. So if you need to have a hallway that spits lightning or a river of blood, look no further.

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