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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: The Stormbringer Juggernaut

The Stormbringer Juggernaut

Intended as a sequel to Assault of Stormbringer Castle where the party dealt with a storm giant clan that was extorting protection money from the local community, this adventure sends the party to clear up the consequences: the storm giant in question transferred her life essence into a massive 800-foot long giant-scaled assault ship bristling with weapons of war... and it's now advancing on the coastline!

If your party played Assault of Stormbringer Castle they ought to be aware of this problem and feel obligated to do something about it, but if they didn't (or see no need for their further involvement) just have the local lordling call them in to explain the issue and ask for their aid. Clerics or paladins might be sent orders by their religious superiors, while any elves or dwarves may have relatives amongst those who have been conscripted to construct and man the vessel.

The notes for the DM include scaling information, a list of wandering monsters, and notes about the 'living ship' as well as more detailed background material. It's likely that the party will begin by going to the island of Cairvos where the vessel is in the final stages of construction. There's a little bit of description, but much is left to your imagination. Oddly, although it's stated that the storm giant's husband - thought to be dead - isn't, and has built himself a colossus to stride along the seabed, it doesn't turn up anywhere in the adventure. Something you might wish to conjure with...

The actual adventure provided is a deck-by-deck exploration of this massive ship. Everything is mapped and described in excellent detail, with all the game mechical information presented just where you'll need it. Several new spells have been designed to facilitate certain aspects of the ship's defences, and they are written up in the standard manner should you want to use them elsewhere. There is plenty to find, puzzle out and fight during the exploration.

Finally, in the bowels of the ship, the climax as the party finds the storm giant's 'spirit gem' and hopefully destroy it. Get it right, though, as a mistake might tear the ship apart and sink it. Further adventures are covered - particularly if the spirit gem survives the destruction of the ship. Some new monsters and five pre-generated characters round off the book.

This makes for an interesting and unusual adventure, scrambling round a giant-sized ship.

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Reviewed: 24 July 2018