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Star Frontiers

Star Frontiers

TSR's third foray into science fiction in 1982 (being preceeded by Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World), Star Frontiers presents a pulp-style approach with the action taking place on planet, the space ships being merely vehicles to get the party to wherever they need to be to take part in the adventure.

Set in a rather vague area of space, four playable races - Dralasite, Humans, Vrusk, and Yazirian - have formed an alliance called the United Planetary Federation. Other sentient races exist but are not available as player-characters, being intended for use as enemies.

Game mechanics are percentile based, and character advancement consists of spending experience points on improving skills and attributes.

In 2007, a fan-made 'remastered' version was produced by Bill Logan and distributed free-of-charge online... until February 2018 when Wizards of the Coast, who inherited ownership of this game line from TSR, decided to release the original game as PDFs and print-on-demand books via DriveThruRPG and so terminated Logan's licence to produce his own version of the game (and to publish his Star Frontiersman magazine). It's hoped that at least the magazine will return in due course!

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Page last updated: 7 May 2018