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Coriolis RPG: The Mahanji Oasis

The Mahanji Oasis

Sounds an interesting place to visit...

Publisher's blurb: "This 13-page PDF describes the Mahanji Oasis on the planet Lubau, a complete scenario location for the award-winning Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG. Under the scorching sun, and in almost unbearable heat, life on Lubau continues. Nomad caravans, Zenithian explorers and ancient cultists manage to live their lives on the inhospitable planet closest to the star of Kua. They all meet at the Mahanji Oasis to escape the oppressive heat, make deals and scheme plots of intrigue."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Kosta Kostulas
Publishers' Reference: MUH051207
ISBN: 978-91-87222-64-1
PDF, 13 pages
Date: July 2017

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Product page last updated: 13 April 2018