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Elite Dangerous RPG

Elite Dangerous RPG

Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game, from Spidermind Games in collaboration with Modiphius, is an interactive adventure you share with a group of friends. It is set in a futuristic galaxy in which spaceflight is common, amazing technology is freely available, and danger is everywhere. As a player you will own your own spacecraft and travel to fantastic locations, exploring new worlds, defeating deadly enemies and outwitting powerful opponents who will stop at nothing to destroy you.

The setting is a dangerous galaxy where the police shoot on sight, entire systems are overrun with space pirates, and money is the only thing that talks. Gear up with high tech equipment to overcome heavily armoured combat drones, elite corporate assassins, and over-gunned soldiers of the interstellar powers.

Launched in 2018 after a Kickstarter campaign the previous year, it's apparently based on a Massive Multi-player Online game by the same name (released in 2014), which grew out of an earlier videogame called Elite from 1984 - all I recall of that, from my dearly beloved playing it, is that the first thing he always wanted to buy was a docking computer so he didn't have to match rotational velocity with coriolis space-stations!

Elite Dangerous the Roleplaying Game is a skill based system using a D10 and a skill bonus to exceed difficulty numbers. You advance by Rank, using the same rank structure as exists in the computer game. You begin as 'Harmless' and can make your way all the way up to 'Deadly' and then 'Elite'. Each Rank has a skill cap which is steadily increased as you gain in experience. Character creation begins with you choosing from a number of 'Backgrounds' which come with a unique set of skill improvements and personal Enhancements to enable your character to be as unique a person as you are.

Each character begins with their own spaceship, just like in the computer game. Not only can characters improve these ships with upgrades to the weapons and internal systems but, with the right amount of money, players can trade in their ships for larger and more powerful models. Players can also engage in vehicle combat and purchase larger and better ground vehicles as they advance in wealth.

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Page last updated: 31 March 2018