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Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Treasure Hoards #2

Treasure Hoards #2

This second collection of pre-made treasure hoards is designed for use at challenge levels 5-10. The idea is simple: whenever you need to provide some loot for the party, pick (or roll for) one of these hoards and have a neat list of items for them to pilfer - coins, gems, magic items and more. There are twenty-five different lists to pick from, so whether they have found a chest during a dungeon delve or are robbing a house, you will not be at a loss when they ask what they've found. A few of the hoards are built specifically without magic items, so if there's a situation where they'd be inappropriate, you can choose one of them.

Each hoard starts with a list of the coins found in it, then there is a selection of items, with magical ones listed last. Each item gets a brief description, and there's a note as to its value along with the DC of the Intelligence check to work it out (and maybe even figure out what the item is, if it isn't obvious).

Items include gemstones, a scrollcase filled with gourmet recipes, jewellry and even a corset! Apparently that's quite valuable... Magic items are quite varied, quite a few scrolls and potions, but there are weapons, wands and armour as well.

This could come in handy when planning adventures, or when the party decides to go somewhere unexpected and suddenly demand to know what they've found. Some of the items might even spawn plotlines of their own... although I'm not sure I want to know who left a corset behind!

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Reviewed: 19 March 2018