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Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Treasure Hoards #1

Treasure Hoards #1

This is a remarkably useful resource for planning dungeons or indeed any location or event when the party is likely to have an opportunity to loot the place. It consists of twenty-five separate lists, each comprising a complete hoard which may be found in one big heap or scattered throughout the area. To facilitate quick picking, they are listed on a table you can roll percentage dice against - or of course you can read through them and select the one that seems most appropriate for your needs. Two are tagged specifically as containing no magic items.

The individual lists follow. Each begins with the cash and then details items of value. In most cases some of them are magical. Many of the items fall into the category of portable works of art, there are also gemstones and complete pieces of jewellry. Each item's worth is listed, along with a suggested Intelligence DC check for being able to appraise its value (this also sometimes enables one to recognise what the item is as well).

Some of the items are more remarkable for their interest value: a child's alphabet book for example. One hoard belongs to someone who likes cooking - it includes a barrel of spices, a cooking pot and an hourglass. There are items of clothing, rings and more. The magical items tend to things like potions and scrolls. Everything seems pretty portable, facilitating easy pilfering.

This is just a neat way of ensuring that whenever the party stops to loot, there's something interesting for them to find. The way it's set up, you could refer to it mid-game if they want to search and steal in an unexpected place, too.

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Reviewed: 16 March 2018