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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Daggers at Midnight

Daggers at Midnight

Relaxing back in civilisation, one party member is the victim of mistaken identity. This, naturally, leads to danger and adventure just when the party was planning to rest, restock, sell loot, drink, and all the other things adventurers do during 'down time'. It's a fun thing to hit the party with, taking them unawares when they've just concluded another adventure.

The DM's Background explains what is going on, and who has mistaken the party member for someone involved in their schemes... and boy, is it an ingeneous plot that is being hatched! To add to the amusement, no less than THREE different groups are all after the same individual for various reasons. To run the adventure, you ideally need to have the party pick a port city for their time off. You can use any urban area with a little modification. There are two ways to run the adventure. Either all three groups come a-looking at the same time - ideal if this was intended to be a short visit to town - or you can have them turning up sporadically, interwoven with other adventures, if you are running a series of urban adventures anyway.

Most of the adventure is event-driven. It all begins with an urchin running up and handing the targeted party member a note that pretty much asks him or her how he dares show his or her face after the last double-cross. The party will no doubt question the urchin and do some further investigation to find the author of the note... but even if they don't, various others will be planning ambushes and other nasty surprises for them. A few plans are provided to help you run appropriate encounters.

This is a free-flowing adventure the outcome of which very much depends on the party's reactions and responses. You'll need to juggle quite a lot, with all the various folk that want to have a word with the fellow that they think is the party member, so thorough preparation is recommended, but there are notes to help you keep them all straight. It has the potention to develop into a highly entertaining and memorable adventure...

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Reviewed: 11 March 2018