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Dungeons & Dragons 3e: Steam Dragon`s Revenge

Steam Dragon's Revenge

About a century ago, a steam dragon called Glorack made a nusiance of herself in tradional dragon style - pillaging the countryside around the village of Trommel, scalding peasants, roasting knights within their own armour, and rending anyone she could get her claws on limb-meal. Eventually a party of adventurers dealt with her. But now there's a dragon up on the glacier where she once lived... and the locals want it gone.

The DM's Background explains what is really going on... an inventive and surprising plot that will certainly leave the party open-mouthed when they get there and find out what's afoot. From then on in, it's a matter of getting them from Trommel up onto the glacier. The locals are happy to provide equipment including special boots that don't slip on ice, and relinquish all claim on any hoard found.

The adventure itself begins with the party's arrival at the entrance to some caverns in the glacier... but of course just getting there is probably an adventure in itself, just one which you will have to provide. The caverns and their contents are well-described and mapped - this is a DM's map, you'll have to prepare a player-friendly one if you want to put a map of the caverns in front of your group.

This makes for a good if chilly adventure with intriguing adversaries - one being a 'new monster' introduced at the end - and should provide an interesting challenge to the party.

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Reviewed: 7 March 2018