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Amazing Engine: Once and Future King

Once and Future King

King Arthur meets science fantasy, the 'future' part of his Once and Future King title, perhaps?

Publisher's blurb: "Then a knight traveled to the kingdom of Surluise on the planet Mars. He chanced upon a fair castle, where there was a wide courtyard. The knight dismounted from his hoversteed and armed himself, for he saw that this was a place for fighting.

"There came upon the knight two giants, each armed with a great club. With one stroke of his lasersword he smote the head from one of the giants. When the second saw that, that giant ran away as fast as he could. The knight quickly pursued the villain, striking it with all his might, and rent the giant's body from shoulder to navel. - excerpted from The Whole Book of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table published A.D. 4825.

"The year is A.D. 4485. Technology has advanced to the point that the entire solar system is populated, a central mainframe computer links every household, and normal humans are no longer genetically capable of violence. Life, however, is far from dull. The Knights of Arthur's Round Table live again, and they have molded civilization to their own liking. Masking technology's function within the trappings of medieval form, these nobles travel upon robotic horses, bearing electronic swords and armor. Meanwhile, the wonders of the royal court come to life again as Morgan Le Fay and others weave their spells of intrigue and deceit in hopes of bringing ruin to the king of Camelot.

"Once and Future King is the fifth release for the Amazing Engine game system. This book contains the core rules for the Amazing Engine system as well as all of the supplemental rules for role-playing characters in a world of high technology and chivalric knights all rolled together. The universe section includes a detailed system of character generation, rules for chivalric combat, a list of equipment including armor and weapons, fantastic beasts, famous and infamous nonplayer characters, an introductory adventure, and more.

"The road to Camelot begins with the very first step!"

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Jack Barket
Publishers' Reference: TSR2707
ISBN: 1-56076-823-1
Paperback, 144 pages
Date: 1994

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Product page last updated: 27 May 2019