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Amazing Engine: The Galactos Barrier

The Galactos Barrier

Somewhere between space opera and science fantasy, make your mark on the stars!

Publisher's blurb: "Daisonne Morione stood on the bridge of her cruiser, surveying the enemy fleet just now becoming visible across the vacuum that separated them. Daringly, the flagship was displaying the colors of the outlawed S'farna pirates. To her left, her first officer bared his fangs in a rare show of emotion.

"'We can't allow this affrontery. Emperor! Shall I call for emergency procedures?' The lupiral shook with rage, barely contained despite his years of Domain service. 'That won't be necessary, Sho. Please, continue watching the screen.' Daisonne's voice held steady, its timbre betraying nothing. She gestured calmly. 'There, at ninety. Watch that glow.'

"The bright spot in question grew larger, encompassing most of the fleet in its brilliance. As the glow faded, the fleet reappeared - no longer metallic and shining, as it had been only moments earlier, but stony gray and dull. All motion had ceased; no lights blinked, no tracking devices swiveled.

"'Our Harmonian has performed his Coda Well' intoned Daisonne Morione. The Galactos Barrier had been played upon the enemy fleet, and the music of the spheres had been their swan song.

"Intergalactic empire building, a magic system that marches to that proverbial different drummer, and a choice of player-character species including amorphous blobs, snakelike bipeds, and purple-scaled, four-armed powerhouses; these are just a few of the elements included in this Universe Book designed for play in the Amazing Engine game system. All the rules you need to enjoy adventures set in the Morione Domain are included in this booklet. You must have the System Guide in order to play."

Megan's review

Book Details:
Author: Colin McComb
Publishers' Reference: TSR2704
ISBN: 1-56076-690-5
Paperback, 144 pages
Date: 1993

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Product page last updated: 27 May 2019