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I Love the Corps RPG

I Love the Corps RPG

I Love the Corps, from Psychic Cactus Games, is a military action, science fiction and horror game set in the year 2450, 200 years after the Earth was abandoned and possibly laid to waste by humanity. The dregs of humanity are all that are left; not long ago, a bunch of disparate colonies begrudgingly banded together as the Colonial Dominion, forming the United Colonial Marine Corps for mutual protection against both public and hidden threats.

On the surface of it, the galaxy is filled with human dangers; the pirates, smugglers, activists, terrorists, Separatists and rebels that refuse to accept the Dominion, and that is what the Corps is supposedly there to deal with. And this much is true. But there is much worse.

Whether they know it or not, marines are also there to deal with terrifying self-aware artificial intelligences, out of control experimental viruses, marauding science projects, corrupt mega-corporations, extraterrestrial parasites and animals, horrific mutants, hunted and vengeful Psychics and meddling and malicious sentient aliens planning the downfall of humanity.

All player characters are usually members of the United Colonial Marine Corps, from captains, sergeants and basic grunts, to scientists, envoys and the like that may be attached to a squad. There's a definite Aliens feel to the game, but it's a lot more than that.

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Page last updated: 3 February 2018